Home intruder

For a very long time I have had this nightmare fantasy that someone breaks into my house to steal things and I beat them absolutely senseless with… anything. Shoes. My purse. Dishes. My bare hands. In my nightmare fantasy I feel no fear and no sense of danger, just an absolutely blood-thirsty rage at this intruder. All I know is: “that @#@#& has broken into the WRONG HOUSE”.

I don’t know what initially inspired this imaginary scenario, but today I read something that cast it in a whole new light for me:

“Diabetes is a monster that sits forever on our backs, constantly distracting and complicating our life. He demands blood and pain and tears. He craves restraint and self-control and moderation. And he is never satisfied. Never.”

This is an excerpt from the first module of @ErinSpineto’s new program called Sea Peptide Adventure Academy, which officially launches on August 15th (and into which I’m getting a sneak peak). I read that quote and immediately knew, for the first time, who my imaginary intruder has been all these years, and why I’m not afraid of them: it’s that monster, and it’s been in my house, stealing from me, all along. I also knew why my fantasy battle with it is so graphic, and why I always win: because it’s literally a fight for my life, and I am winning.

Thanks @ErinSpineto. I can’t wait to read the next piece :smile:


Oh my yes—for me it was wham bang with powerful and, yes, Fearless kicks to tender places. Later, lots of fear set in and that changed—until I was reminded of those early dreams and how powerful I was.

I can well imagine how this imagery must have resonated with you and, I would guess, many others who have battled this scourge from childhood! Fascinating…Blessings…

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I’ve been reading “The Stand” and it reminds me of the Walkin’ Dude…great piece!