Home Sweet Home

Well now that our vacation is over I have been on a continuous run around to figure out what is wrong with my body. Apparently it appeared on my ultra sound that there is an abnormal appearance of my liver. They wanted to do a CT Scan with contrast which I did not want to do but it was needed so they called my doctor to see which type of contrast should be used (there’s a kind you ingest and a kind they give you through an IV). My doctor responded by saying I shouldn’t have contrast because of my kidney. So instead they wanted an MRI which I was denied earlier per my request not to have a CT Scan in the first place. Since it was determined unsafe to do contrast my insurance approved the MRI. I had it done last week and again they wanted to do contrast and again I said no. My mother had a terrible reaction to it, her skin keeps breaking out on her hands and she’s having joint problems and the only thing she can think of that would cause it is contrast and apparently there’s a law suite out against doctors using it because it has caused such problems in people. So I got my results Thursday, I guess there are two small lesions on my liver, they can’t tell fully what it may be because the scan wasn’t that great but good enough to tell that there is something there and I guess it’s causing part of my liver to work a little harder than normal but otherwise my liver function over all is perfectly fine, my kidneys are fine, etc. So I’m guessing it’s nothing too serious. So I’m having a biopsy done next Friday. One of my doctors prefer I do another MRI with contrast instead but I told them I would rather do the biopsy. I told them that I thought a biopsy is a better way to go because even if I do another MRI with contrast I’m 99.9% sure they’re going to want to a biopsy anyway and you would think that by doing a biopsy, after determining that there is indeed a lesion on my liver, it would provide a better diagnostic rather than trying to take another scan of it. So in other words, I would rather have an invasive procedure done rather than be injected with contrast that could potentially cause more problems for me.

My goodness Jami thats alot to deal with… I’ve used both the IV contrast and the one you drink. I have one done every year by my Gastro. She checks on my pancreas to make sure its not more damaged or have a cyst. I usually drink the stuff . they put it in crystal lite so it makes it not so bad…but the IV is not easy . it feels very warm shooting up the vein and just weird. But i will tell you what the contrast makes a world of difference. The images are clear. That was the only way they found my cyst. How are your Bg’s ? For me Invasive procedures are scary… But know that I will be praying for you … God Bless

Goodness Murphy. What a mess. I think that you are right to go straight to the biopsy, if they will want to do one anyways.

I hadn’t heard of the contrast problem. That must be recent?? My Daughter had an MRI last year and my Hubby this year. No problems with either. I haven’t needed an MRI yet(touch wood).

I hope and pray that it is not something serious. Keep us posted. Good Luck Jami!!

My mom had an MRI with contrast and it made her skin start breaking out and she started having joint pain afterward. Knowing my body, I don’t want to risk the possibility of having a reaction to it. As nice as it is for them to see images much clearer with it, I think I’m better off having the biopsy because I have a feeling what ever it is they’re going to want to biopsy it anyway regardless if I have another scan done and this is a walk in the park in comparison to things I’ve already had done, lol. My bg’s have been pretty normal, I did just get back from vacation though, ahah. I don’t think it’s anything crazy serious, they said my liver function is all normal except the one area where the lesion is that’s making that part of my liver work harder. But I will let everyone know as soon as I know anything.