So Stressed

I’ll get to specifics when i get home (as far as stress, because it’s major), but right now i just have a quick question.

As of my last check up, my numbers were all, as my doc said, excellent. Liver, Kidneys, Cholesterol, A1C, all of it. Excellent.

Anyways, I am dealing with another health issue right now (whenever i take in deep breaths, i get a sharp bain in my back/rib area).

My Chest X-Ray = Normal.

So she has me take a blood/urine test to check for any infections and she wants a Chest CT as well.

So today (and yes i will get to my question :slight_smile: , i get a call from the nurse. The doc wants to add another CT. So Chest and now Abdomen to check for Kidney Stones.

So question is, because i just don’t know, can you still get kidney stones if everything is “excellent?”