Home theatre

If anyone is approaching retirement and wondering what to do with their time, I thought I would share my success story.
My wife and I are now both retired and have settled into a routine that we both are comfortable with. After breakfast we will both catch up on e-mail and messages, read the local newspaper, a magazine or a book, until lunchtime. After lunch, weather permitting, we’ll go for a hour’s walk along the waterfront. The rest of the afternoon until dinnertime we’ll devote to our hobbies: for my wife it is oil painting for me it is repairing or upgrading the computers and electronic gadgets of friends and neighbours.
After dinner, once again weather permitting we will go for a half hour walk. (These walks are great for my diabetes type 2 and have kept me off insulin for the past 20 years).
Finally back home again it is movie time. I’ve invested in an Epson projector ($600) that gives me a 12 foot wide screen on a living room wall, a used desktop computer ($60) that connects me to various streaming video sites including Amazon Prime and Netflix, and a popcorn machine ($80).
Haven’t had a boring day since I retired.