Let's All Go To The Movies

These day, most of the movies I see are with my children. Sometimes the flicks are good, sometimes they're awful, but my kids are always excited about... the snacks.

I seem to lose all sense of reason and proportion at the theater. Tub of popcorn with butter? Sure! Candy in a giant box? Why not? No soda, thank you very much, but I have been known to let them grab nachos with something that sort of looks like cheese.

As you know, my son has type 1 diabetes, so all this stuff is a major treat. We do have some ground rules for dealing with these big carb/fat loads: popcorn or candy, not both, and I try to go the movies in the afternoon instead of at night, so the popcorn BG spike doesn't happen at 2am. We also don't go to the movies all that often, maybe once every two months.
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I don't mind a moderate amount of popcorn at the movies. We have these theaters near us that, of course, junior loves, where you get "dinner and a movie". The food is totally marked up but the portions are ***insane*** perhaps to mitigate your disgust at $12.99 chicken fingers? The "deal" is that you have to get food OR a drink (soft drinks also in a quart-sized cup, just what everyone needs...) so I usually have a lower carb cocktail like a martini or Manhattan, depending on what goes better with the flick.

I've been too cheap to buy movie treats for years. My sister and I practice the "copious purse" trick and just bring our own. (I know. Boring.)

I load up a small container with sliced fruit, toasted almonds, cubed cheese, etc. and I pack a bottle of water, too.

I avoid anything too strongly scented out of compassion for my neighbors in the theater, so no spicy buffalo wings or really nasty, aged cheeses.

When I visited my sister in Louisiana we used to smuggle daiquiris into the theater, but I'll have to be good on my next visit.

Sugar free Life Savers! They're so good and great for that little sweet fix. I'd make sure your kids are sucking on a couple as you walk into the theatre. It should stave off any cravings when walking by the concession counter.