Movie Eats

I went out to a movie last night and was just curious as to how many of you out there sneak in treats because really there is nothing even remoting diabetic friendly offered with the exception of water and diet soda! I usually am not a rule breaker but this is my exception, I sneak my diabetic friendly snacks in! Just curious if I am the only one.

I always sneak stuff into the cinema. It’s really expensive at mine… large diet coke was £3.50, thats after paying £8.00 to get in… As you can tell, I don’t have a money tree at the end of my garden. Unfortunately!

i’ve only been to the movies twice i think
since being diagnosed a few months ago.
i did have a little bit of popcorn and some sour candies.
but it really wasn’t worth it cuz i spent a lot of money
and had high blood sugar.
i guess its just because i wanted to be “normal” in front of my friends.

i wont be doing that anymore.

I carry low carb energy bars and trailmix wherever I go, including movie theatre. I do sneak in bottled water. I’ve never had a issue but I like quoting the Americans with Disability Act. I wonder if that would also work in a ball park. I know at Jacobs Field they almost strip search you and require you to open purse, etc. It’s all a conspiracy to make you buy $4 drinks and $5 popcorns.

I would have never considered using the ADA as a valid point but it very much is! They have wheelchair accessable seats, at our theatres they have movies a couple of times a week with closed captioning for the hearing impaired but no snacks I can enjoy. I honestly have never considered my diabetes a disability though, after 12 years it is just part of my normal life, but if I get hasseled I can totally argue it.

Actually, I eat microwave popcorn at home all of the time without an issue. I had moved away from it in the past, but my dietitian encouraged me to give it a shot (Was that a pun?). I know a bag at home is exactly 42 carbs, so I think the biggest problem would be to figure out the serving size. If not you always have dry roasted peanuts which has been my popcorn substitute as well.

if you ever figure out how to grow a money tree let me know :slight_smile: haha

i use my “i have diabetes” card at great american ball park in Cinci, they don’t hassle me too much :slight_smile:

they sell mini bags that are about 25 carbs at the grocery store, and i think it’s filling enough for a snack or part of a meal. Kettle corn is my favorite!

I don’t sneak anything in because I don’t have any particular desire to eat while I’m there. I’ll buy a diet coke sometimes but that’s only because I like it better in a big plastic cup full of ice.

However, when I was a young boy diabetic for only a few months I was on the Regular/NPH combo where I had to take two shots a day and eat at very specific times. I wanted to go the movies one night with my friends but the only time we could go was right in the middle of dinner time. My mother packed my dinner into a ziplock bag and I took it into the theater with me to eat. Unfortunately it wasn’t really hand food (it was Greek hamburgers -no buns just the meat- and Greek potatoes -oven baked with olive oil and oregano). She forgot to pack me any silverware so I had to stick my hand into the bag and eat halfway through the movie. The ziplock bag kept the temperature pretty well so when I opened the bag a wonderful smell spread throughout the room. I knew people were distracted and looking at me every so often and I was hugely embarrassed but I didn’t have any choice.

The real fun was when I realized I had no napkins either. I felt bad for whoever sat in that seat after me.

Other than that the only thing I might eat if I’m in the mood is the popcorn seeds that never popped sitting at the bottom of the box. Buttered, salted and warm, washed down with a nice gulp of iced diet coke . . . heaven.

nope, there is nothing better than real movie theater pop corn! I get mine without the butter, though and have water with it. Why is popcorn not diabetic friendly???

i agree karen!!..why is popcorn not diabetic friendly??

they only reason i would sneak something in is because of the prices they charge!! i don’t have any problems diabetes wise though. i get a diet coke and i eat some popcorn but not too much. i tend to eat more before the movie ever starts then i don’t eat any during the movie. if it’s after dinner, i just take a little extra insulin at dinner so i’m lower for popcorn eating. if it’s before dinner i’m usually lower anyway so if the popcorn does effect my number i just adjust at dinner. popcorn doesn’t tend to hurt my number much unless i eat way too much. as for the candy, i skip all that, even non-d’s don’t need that.

Thanks I was doing what we call the Barstool open here in Lincoln, NE. A local radio station puts it on as a fundraiser for CP. You go go several bars all over down town and mini golf. Each bar has a unique hole they put together for the event. I don’t drink, but it is a blast, I had just shot a hole in one.

It is diabetic friendly if you don’t eat an entire jumbo tub. I have little self control, so I don’t even tempt myself! My husband always insists on butter on popcorn too! I have banned my husband from getting popcorn at the movies or I will be tempted to sneak it.

I’m bad, but I do know that a large popcorn is 125 carbs…

i could never eat a large popcorn so i’m safe haha…i might eat half of a small when i go

popcorn is it’s own food group… like bacon

I heard bacon!!! :slight_smile:

oh i know the answer to the whole how many carbs is in a tub of popcorn. well i kinda guessed after i found the cooked but not buttered or salted part of it.

it’s about 26 grams of carbs in 6 cups. so if you have an empty cup just fill it up half way if it’s a medium or small. depending on which size is smaller. and that will be one cup or ask them how many fluid ounces a cup is. then use that to calculate how much insulin you need for the popcorn.

I absolutely LOVE salted popcorn - and cinema popcorn is the best!! In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I love going to the cinema! Yes, there are a lot of carbs in popcorn, but all I do is give myself a couple of units of short to medium acting half an hour before I have the popcorn to compensate, or I just have the popcorn instead of a meal if the film’s on around a mealtime. Easy!