Any of you home brew beer? Since there are so many variables with different recipes, kits, variables of fermentation, etc, plus no nutritional info available on any of the above I’m curious as to what others have learned on how to estimate or calculate carbs, diabetic friendly brews, etc.

I did some research on this when we first started homebrewing last year. I found 2 good articles on byo.com. Just do an internet search for 'low carb beer Mr. wizard' & that should return some good information. One article on how to guesstimate the carb count & one on using Beano tablets to lower the carbs.

Also... there is a company in Australia that produces low-carb beer kits, Country Brewer 'Decarb'. Not sure on shipping polices tho.

Hope that helps!

I used to brew beer before I had to give it up because of the carbs. I moved from a beginning brewer (beer concentrate in a can) to intermediate brewing where you soak the grains yourself. I never was able to get a good handle on carb content. I used to brew porters and stouts with high alcohol content so the alcohol would often offset the carbs.

Did you learn any tricks that didnt make it nasty but might help to reduce carbs? Like reducing the amount of the finishing sugar or possibly a substitute for it? I’m just starting out so I don’t know much… Going to start with a pilsner kit

I can drink common lite beers such as coors lite as much as I want without bolusing for them so I’m hoping to be able to learn to be able to adjust my home brews in order to be able to do the same

Allow me to express my condolences for how much that must suck Brian.

I can't say I miss drinking beer because I do still drink beer on occasion, including stouts which are my fave, but I would never think about trying to home brew at this point. If I invested that much time and effort into an endeavor like that and felt compelled to give it up for extraneous reasons, I'd be a bit miffed.

Well the bright side is that the same gear makes wine too which is no challenge on blood glucose at all for me. It was my wife who was interested in making beer actually which should be interesting