Low carb beer

Does anyone know any that actually taste decent? I used to love IPAs until I got my CGM and realized how high they were spiking my blood sugar before bringing it back down! Coors Light is the only one I’ve had that is drinkable, but it’s not very exciting.

There is one called Barking Squirrel, by Hop City, and it does not affect my bg at all. I emailed the company asking how many carbs per bottle, since the packaging didn’t say, and they ignored me. But it’s still a decent beer and the fact that I don’t have to bolus for it s great. Makes me feel almost like I am not diabetic for a brief moment. Stella Artois and Corona make my bg spike for 2 days afterward, no matter what I do.


Thanks, brewed in Ontario too! I’ll definitely give it a try. I really wish they would put nutrition facts labels on beer, I couldn’t even imagine carb counting in the days before those labels were mandatory! Not sure why beer is exempt.

Smithwick’s Irish ale is about 8 g per pint and darn fine tasting, in my opinion.

Thanks, I love Irish beer! There is a Raptors playoff game tonight, sounds like an excuse to try both!

One needs an excuse?

Good point!