Homemade quest bars

Since I’ve been unable to find any truly low-carb bars I can eat (that aren’t ridiculously expensive, as the dairy-feee bars I’ve found online are), I decided to make my own. These are apparently like Quest bars, though I’ve never had Quest bars so can’t compare. The ones I made are 11 total carbs and 9 grams of fibre. It would’ve been better if I had a lower carb protein powder (also hard to find!).


I also made eggplant “jerky” because I can’t find any local jerky that doens’t have added sugar and wheat (and I hate touching raw meat).

I have an upcoming trip, so I’m on a baking spree making food I can travel with easily.

Are you going to tell the recipe?

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Here’s the one I used:

There’s another one that includes almond flour that I might try as well: