Honeymooning Coming and going?

A post by Betty in the Insulin Dependency Reversing thread, prompted me to start this topic/discussion. She said, and I have NEVER EVER heard this before, that honeymoon periods can come and go for long periods of time. I find this very INTERESTING!

When I was 14 I was told I would end up on shots, I told them what they could do with their shots…hey what did ya exptect from a stuborn verbouse 14 yr old? Needless to say I got better and avoided the needles I learned to hate.

With help, a letter from a doc at that hospital I got in the Navy. I was hospitalized twice (same illneess) in boot camp, (that’s wehre//how I became a GOMER. GOMER stands for (miliatary speak for GET OUT!, My Exam Room) The TV series was a play on that, changeed from Navy to Marines (part of the Navy) and setting, the sgt every episode would yell at GOMER to GET OUT at least once. Where do you put the unwanted when you don’t have a dumpster, on the pile, change the spelling for TV character last name to PYLE.

The one and only time I was ever charged for anything under UNCMJ was for failure to seek medical treatment, dropped after I requested records from A-school sick bay for the previous 10 days, showing I HAD sought treatment but GOMERed again and again. The fouth time I was hospitalized I was told if I could pass a sugar free urine I could return to duty, and did.

All was well for a few years, then got a sore throat, my fam doc refused to see me for follow-up, “just a sore throat” he said and he had “SICK” patients that needed him. After about a half dozen ER trips from work, always after lunch, and a bout with pleursey, my boss at work as me if I would see a Co doc if they made the apt. Everyone KNEW I was very sick, so did . The morning of the apt (no eating after 8pm the night before, I was given a CLEAN BILL of health and returned to work.

That night after dinner I sat down with my wife to watch a TV show. We split a small pop and I had just a few sips, the next thing my wife called the meatwagon and I was back to ER (again). I was admitted to the cardiac ward, low on oxygen. When the Co doc came in to see me, he YELLED at me, asking me WHY my BS was so high. I was shocked, I had never been TOLD I was diabetic, had no clue what diabetes even was. He was not nice at all, thought I had been lying to him or something, typical wayward diabetic in denial, he assUme’d (I guess).

The next 2 years were rough (understatement), moved/changed jobs etc and of course new doc. After I was in for cancer surgery, he said my diabetes was worse that he thought, liek I did not know that. I saw many docs after that, started insulin and went to diabetes classes (sent my on of the other follow-up docs) with my wife in tow as instructed.

VA has me pigeon holed as a IDDM type-2, not eligable for the better MDI routines etc. Tomorrow I have an apt with my MOPH rep to apply for service connection with the diabetes based on my half-baked partly mia Navy med recs.Not using VA right now.

2 years ago, after winging it on my own with OTC insulins (N & R, same as had been on) fro 2-3 yrs. I fell and tore a shoulder. 4 surgeries and after nearly 2 years fo good control, (5 shots a day) my system has settled down and seems to have some limited natural insulin response again, but not enough to get off insulin. When I was totally 100% dependent on nsulin shots I was actually more stable, ie BS tracked up and down precise in sync with insulin dose. Now once in a while I will shoot into the 200s, even around 300.

Funny now, retrospect only, there were time my BS would literaly go WILD, like being brittle for NO logical reason, then times where it would creap, when I was nto watching of course and BINGO, out of control again. From my perpective, as long as I do not try and force my pancrease to work much, I do fine, well mcuh better anyhow. It’s like switching modes, soem of the time, months or years, I am like a true Type-1, other times I am not like any typical type, 1, 1.5 or T2…go figure?

Is this that rare, or is it? Never read about such ANYWHERE before now…

I am hungry to lean more about this!

Thanks Betty…

(&( GOMER a lone ORPHAN diabetes type without a home?.

PS I have Psorasis, my DERM says it gets better and worse depending on autoimmune activity level.??

On the CWD website you will find many , many people who have periods where insulin needs suddenly decrease, sometimes drastically.

They still have diabetes, but it is NOT weird for insulin needs to change.



there is a link in the first one in buggles response that is worth looking at too.

unfortunately diabetes just stinks and one week you can be battling lows and the next highs and you don’t change anything it is just the way it is. If people are lucky enough to be “stable” they can count their blessings.