Hate the Term "Honeymoon Phase"

Seriously. “Honeymoon Phase” brings to mind a picturesque scene: paradise following a beautiful commitment ceremony. In reality, the setting was the ICU and we certainly didn’t consent to this lifetime relationship.

“Is she honeymooning?” Well, she’s not staring out at blue-green tropical waters, but her blood glucose levels are bouncing all over the place, so maybe we can liken that to nonstop h–ping.

Right now, we have a very limited time period to get onboard with an overwhelming notion. We stepped out of one life and into another.

Ok, I did have a panic attack right after my wedding, like “Ohmygod! What have I done? The rest of my life?!” For real. Maybe these 2 things actually do have something in common.

Does OMG fit the firsst months of Type 1, I think so…as I grew up and learned what a Honeymoon was, it didn’t compare in any way to Diabetes…

So Sam’s BS are swining all over the place, not fun at all… and not a Honeymoon either!

All you and her can do is keep doing what you have learned and the rest will take care of itself. I know Hormones make a mess of BS… I have been through the first ones of life and Bs, and the second, Menopause:) I said this am after a horrible Low during the night. Can I ask for Diabetapause, please? If only:)

Well I hope Sam is having some fun with the bouncing BS…

I know its hard, I have carried this Monkey on my Back for 39yrs, I was 16, and it has been a roller coaster, some yrs better than others…So just keep your minda in the possitive mode and take it one day at a time and stay away from the overwelmed side,because as you get frustrated, all changes again to good, that is the road of Type 1.

Yes! The OMG Phase!

Technically the honeymoon doesn’t happen right at diagnosis, but a few weeks or a month later when the pancreas starts making a bit of insulin again and things, temporarily, seem easier to control. I was diagnosed at age 9 and the honeymoon phase started about one month later and lasted perhaps two or three months before things went crazy again. I still had highs and lows during that period (I still have my logbook from that time) and still had to take insulin every day, but my readings from that period look fantastic for a Type 1! Hope things settle down soon. :slight_smile:

I always thought it was a funny phrase for that period of time after onset. You are right. Yes, life is crazy when tabulating, figuring out every single thing during the day. But it will get easier. It will become the new normal. And there will be a moment, at some point in the future when it feels less stressful. Life goes on. Right now , I am about to ride my motocross bike across the ice on the lake outside. My biggest issue is getting across the mound of snow to the ice. I have had diabetes for 50 years. I do not know life any differently.

i would give ALOT to be honeymooning again, mine ended a month or so ago and it’s been absolutely brutal ever since. hopefully if she qualifies for DEFEND-2 and get the drug, she could be super-honeymooning for 18 months!

Oh yeah… ironic choice of words “honeymoon” and then "anniversary. I don’t like the terminology either.