LADA? 30 year Honeymoon? FlipFlop modes?

My diabetes has almost always been WIERD!


When I was 14 I was told I would end up on shots. I got better, no meds probable pancreatitis?

When I was 22, in the Navy, amditted to sick bay, probable pancreatitis again I was told If I could pass a urine sugar test the following morning I could return to duty and FORGET about it.

When I was 34 I ended up hospitalized for diabetes. (another probable pancreatitis) following a sore throat and pleurisey. I still did not even know what diabetes was. The company doc came in yelling at me for not hving my blood sugars in control He shoved a ADA diet in my face with order to follow it.

About 2 years later, after C surgery)my famdoc said my diabetes was worse than he thought. Another doc I was sent to took charge of my diabetes and I started insulin. Then a year or two later I a doc added R to the N twice a day and was alsmot stable for a copule decades.

I have left out the many HELLS I went thru.


My fam doc says I am type-2. I have never to my knowledge been tested for antibodies. The docs always just said type-2 or IDDM etc based on my age. My famdoc last week said NO I could not be a type-1, that I am a type-2. I am also labeled type-2 at the diabetes center where I see my endo.

Back in 2007 my system SHUT DOWN..NO beta cell function I could tell. Very predictable my BS went up with food and down with insulin in lock step, as if I were a true type-1. In 2007 I was moved from 2 N+R mixed shots a day, then added a dose of R at lunch, then went on MDI, lantus twice a day and humalog for food and corrections. Ater a couple years shut down like this my beta cells began working a little again.

To me its like being on an extended honeymoon of sorts, sometimes changing quickly overnite and sometimes slow over a period of monht or long between flip flops in the way my system works. I can not get the level of care I am currently on at the VA due to being labeled as type-2. Lantus & humalog is not allowed unless you are service connected for diabetes, labeled a type-1 or your a1c is above 85.

Without going into yet another horror story (decades long) I was formally Dx'd with Multiple Sclerosis back in Jan. Tests showed LONG standing MS, (enough test results to Dx several people with MS), and related issues, beside having MS related diplopia etc for 45 years. For that I am getting good care now and take Copaxone shots. MS is an AUTOIMMUNE disease. Having one increases the chances/risk of other autoimmune disease. I took a thyroid med for low thyroid back in 1971, but I did not bother continueing it.(another possable autoimmune issue)

Could my pancrease stiil recover and start working a little after nearly 30 years of insulin (after being in total shut-down for a couple years)??

I am planning to ask another doc for thyroid testing including antibodies AND diabetes anitbody testing when I have an appointment with her later this month. I am gathering written documentation to back up my logic in asking for the testing. My famodc refused thyroid testing in part that I am type-2 to refuse thryoid testing. I am sensitive to cold, run a low normal basal temperature, 97.7 max, usually lower. I take vitamin D3 and had documented severe D defiency a couple years ago. I also take B12 and other meds.

YOUR input would be appreciated........



Wow I think this is a article that Melitta needs to read. I would say for sure a LADA or adult T1 which insurance hate to admit or pay for at all.

My medicare + BCBS(basic medigap) partly covers my Lantus ($42 copay), but I have to pay FULL PRICE, about $200 per box of Humalog pens. I also have to pay full price for my syringes and pen needles. Just bought a new box of 30u syringes today, not quite $30 for a box of 100.

INSURANCE…sometimes seems more like a scam. I have part-D for drugs. Their formulary as of Aug 2010 reads that Humalog pen is a covered item. I ahd to pay FULL price last month. I called wellcare and they said that humalog pen coverage does not begin till Jan… guess WHAT? That is the date they will no long even make the Humalog pen. The Kiwk-clik pen w/Humalog will be the only Humalog pen after Jan 1st. Of course the kwikclick Humalog pen is NOT covered.


I use Humalog and a syringe but started to use Lantus Pens as I was on levemir as well so yes insurance is real tricky as to what they will pay. I really think I personally like the syringe better in some ways as it seems like I have to now carry more supplies than before. I have to get you some information to get to you on the secondary insurance to go with medicare as my father has it and it pays almost everything.

I need to check things for the new year…

I get my Copaxone(that’s for my Multiple Sclerosis) from the VA… Wal-mart price aprox $3,188+ for 30 pre-filled syringes, VA co-pay is $9. I would have to pay $9/per 30 days for anything, even baby asprin…lol. I can’t get my Lantus/Humalog thru the va at all…benifits of being labeled a T2 or “other”. Before the label change I was labeled as IDDM & treated like a T1…lol

There is a lot of politics involved at the VA, Diabetes is NOT as high a priority there these days. They used to have like a diabetes fair every year at this time,with education, recipes etc not anymore, that I am aware of.


To me it sounds like possible LADA, get those tests done and insist on getting the right “label”!

My father is also a Vet and he will not go to VA at all. he has got medicare and a insurance that he paid only $30 and got all this after he fell and broke his neck 90 days ICU, 120 days CCU, 60 days hospital, 6 months physcial therpy, 2 years follow up, 2 MRI, 3 CAT scan, pain meds(copay was $1 per 120 loratab), blood pressure meds and tools and a medication to make him hungry so he would eat. they mailed him bills that said paid on them and it was thousands of dollars. it is good in all of usa so i will get you the info for sure.

This is a medicare suppliment program that helped my father.
kevin oliver
(866) 673-6399

He said that all he paid was his meds when he got out and it was $28 and the total bill was over 200G then the after care and who knows what that cost.


  • My endo said it’s never ok to spill sugar in your urine beyond a trace amount.

  • I had blood and urine tests showing I had a mild/“borderline” diabetes up to 5 years before diagnosis. I had complications and symptoms of diabetes almost 10 years before diagnosis. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. (I don’t think your history is a coincidence either.)

  • I’ve had honeymoons and spikes since i was diagnosed and put on insulin. After I gave birth to my second son, I didn’t take insuin for about 6 weeks (bgs were fasting in the 6s and post-meals were in the 9-11s).

  • I was mistaken for gestational, then t2, then diagnosed T1 because I developed another autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. They said if I had one autoimmune disease, it was likely I had another.

Hope this helps.

And sorry to hear that you were dx with MS. I guess god only hands you as much as you can handle…

HISTORY…mine is very long and even a bit complex…

It was a new eye doc (aug 2009) I had gone to, about #4-5 in 2? years TRYING to get my diplopia prisms update, (badly needed), that said my diplopia was neuro-muscular and need to see a neuro (possable MS). My fam doc went into almost panic mode and called me in for a MS it fits pep talk.Took a 4th neuro in 6 months to even get tested for MS (too old…get that TOO OLD!). I was dx’d with LONG STANDING MS, even before all the testing was done with MS, had enough clasic dawson’s fingers for serveral MS cases, not to mention spinal lesions, ON, LP etc. I went abuout 45 years with MS complicatins before anyone BOTHERED to question the diplopia, let alone other complaints over the decades.

Autoimmune? what’s that?..juz kinnin…lol I run a low basal body temp, have since I was a kid, even in the hospital. In the spring of '71 my company sent me to a doc before going on strike dutyout of town. He ran a RAIU test and put me on a thyroid med. Back in '71 I had a hastle trying to get the thyroid med re-filled out of town so I simpl quit taking it. NOW I am wondering if that was a mistake. I am going to FIRMLY seek thyroid testing as well as maybe LADA tesing in a couple weeks.

BTW MS is an autoimmune disease, thyroid is often autoimmune and if LADA that would be one autoimmune issue for all 3 of me…aka Me, Myself and I.


Well…I did it, stuck my neck out (puntended). I dropped a letter off at my fam docs today. I included a couple pages of research with links to the likes of etc. I raise and try to justify both thyroid a diabetes autoimmune testing.

maybe the dots will connect, maybe they woun’t, but at least I am trying… just hope the fireworks do not get too hot. Istopped my simvastatin as of last nite. IF my walking or endurance improves, taht would make thyroid suspect and maybe a change of med is in order. As for my diabetes, it should not change anything, other than LABEL and maybe attitudes, as I am already on MDI and stable.