Honored to serve on the board of iPump.org

I was recently approached by Lahle Wolfe, President of iPump.org (and also a great contributor of the TuDiabetes family) asking me if I would consider being a member of the board of the non-profit she runs.

I couldn’t say no. The mission iPump does is very important:
IPump.org was founded for the purpose of providing assistance to qualifying persons with diabetes who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of their medical care, medications and diabetes supplies.”

You may remember I recently featured them in a video I did here:

I did this because I deeply believe in what they do (in the same way I believe in the work Insulin For Life does).

Thanks to Lahle for your trust! You count with my support.

congrat’s Manny!!!

Great news!!

Lahle has helped me so much. Nice to see that there are understanding and compassionate people and organizeations still out there.


Congrats Manny!