Vote for iPump and Help them Win $10,000

As you may know, iPump is the only nonprofit in the U.S. that takes donated insulin pumps and has them recertified by the manufacturer and the redistributes them free to diabetics in need.

It only takes a moment of your time to help us win $10,000 by visiting this site:
They are a company sponsoring a $25,000 cash giveaway to the top voted-for charities. Scroll down their long list of charities to find, Inc.

If you do not see iPump on your list please use the “Don’t see your charity? Click here to add yours” button and enter:, Inc., Upland, CA (for a contact person use “Lahle Wolfe).”

Done, and posted on my Facebook page so my friends all know.

I voted!

Done and shared on FB!

Done and done… I live in Canada and I wish we had something like this here…or maybe I just haven’t come across it yet…
But Good Luck to the Charity…


Done deal …and I thought I saw a posting by Lahle Wolfe earlier today as well

Lahle needs our support. She has put a TON of time (and her own resources) to make iPump possible. So every bit counts!!

I voted

me too