Hope Faith and Weight Loss

Losing 100 pounds was not easy. In fact it was very hard. There is no magic pill for true weight loss. You have to set goals and keep them. One of the first things I remember thinking after I was diagnosed with diabetes is how am I going to loose all of this weight?

I also remember how I felt in my soul. Depressed, no energy, fatigued.

I knew I was going to have to look within and really set some goals that I would have to keep.

I did and as a result I am now 100 pounds lighter.

Setting Goals-
When you are setting goals you really have to start small. My first small goal was to write down everything I ate and keep a log of my calories, fat, protein and water in-take. I did this for a few weeks then I would add another small goal. My 2nd goal was to stop eating past 7pm. After a few weeks I would add another goal then another and so on until my habits really started to take shape and become a part of my life style.

It really is all about your lifestyle. Making small changes to it and learning a new way to have a relationship with food.

You can also join a weight loss club for motivation. I believe that Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) is the best weight loss club in Idaho. I found it to be so useful for accountability and motivation. I had to show up. I had to weigh in once a week and had to answer to myself but more importantly they keep a record so I had to be accountable to someone else. If you are seeking help click on TOPS and their site will take you to find a local chapter in your area.

With TOPS there is no set food plan but members do share what works for them. It’s better this way because in the long run you are going to need to make and stick to your own food plan to keep off the weight you lost.

Did you know 80% of your success is from what you eat? Exercise is so important but your food plan will be vital to your success.

It is so important for you to keep moving. Exercising whether it is walking, aerobics or a machine is a must. You need to do cardio to burn fat and it is also very good for heart health. You also need to lift weights. The more muscle you have the faster you burn fat. I remember back in the day I would hear at the gym that if you lift to much you will bulk up. To me that is just not true. When you start weight training you start out lifting a low weight and move up as you go along. You are building muscle. Not bulking up.

Personal fitness Trainers-
I believe that having a personal fitness trainer is important in order to learn how to mix up your work out plan. Also to train you properly so you know what muscles groups to use and how to work out with weights properly. Getting a trainer as my sponsor was such a blessing. From my trainer Rebecca Carington I did not only have a trainer but I had a friend someone who really believed in me and I felt so blessed to have her in my life.
I am in better shape now then I was in my 20’s.

Believing In Yourself-
You must believe in yourself to succeed. Dig deep and really find out who you are. You can do this and I know you can because I did. There is not one person out there that can’t take off weight and lead a healthier life style. :slight_smile:

Visit my site to help you get motivation :“Get Up and Get Moving”