Discouragement when you don't lose weight

Well, today was my weigh in day and I stayed the same. I am glad that I didn’t gain weight this week, but am discouraged that I didn’t lose, especially when I try not to over eat or eat the stuff I would reallllly like to eat. And now, being diabetic, not only to I have to be concerned with losing weight for general health, now I have to worry about if I eat the wrong thing what it could do to my bs or later in life causing my body to get all kinds of bad things. This will sound nuts, but it makes me want to go eat a bag of chips…which I won’t do, but I just am really frustrated. How do you all handle it when you don’t lose weight each week? What do you do to keep motivated???

Thank you for any words of encouragement…bye for now Anna

I’m with you! Tomorrow, I’ll be going for my doc check up from a one month diagnoses and start on medication. ( I can already say that I have not done well.)
One bag of chips??? LOL! Me two! nah… but I really can go crazy sometimes with whatever is handy to munch and not supposed to munch on.
Just remember, You are human:) and keep trying. I cant say enough about that keep on keeping on. When the wagon ride gets too rough and you hop off;just hop back on and keep on moving. Dont look back and kick yourself. Encourage yourself with something else. Dont punish yourself either. Go for a walk,find something to do that will keep your hands busy and away from food. Easy said,not easily done!
Motivation? Find a big reason to keep your health going better. Mine, my family is very young. They need mom for a while longer. When they are grown? I’ll have to find another reason:)
We’re here for you. Keep talking and we’ll keep trying!

Thank you for the suggestions…I will keep on keeping on…my family needs me as well, so they can be my motivation to stay and be healthy. Thank you again for the pep talk…I needed it! ;0) anna

Anna, I so totally identify with that! My weight has been constant for the past 2 weeks. But I’ve not been working out as much as I’d like to - I twisted my ankle two weeks ago and only started doing some moderate exercise which doesn’t stress it out last week.

I just tell myself that I’ll try again and I will keep trying till I lose those 7 stubborn kilos. And I also remind myself that weight loss does not happen overnight. One tip I have from the dietician is to work in goals of 2 months. Since I measure weight in kilos, it’s advisable to lose about 2-3 kilos every two months.

Go slow, don’t bother about instant results. Your hard work will pay off as long as you are discipline enough to stick to it. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to know others feel like I do and understand how hard it is. I agree, looking for instant results can be frustrating, and it is the long term pay off that will count. Good health, weight loss, feeling good. Just sometimes I want instant gratification…I want to see the pay off now…maybe I need to learn a bit of patience ? :0)

Thank you and you keep up the good work ;0) anna

Don’t give up girl… sometimes you might not lose a pound or two in one week but you might lose 3 pounds the next week… Sometimes I have that problem… I just exercise and go on… I know it’s hard… It could be my thyroid med… that doing that to me… Lets keep on walking and we’ll lose the weight… :} :}

Anna: Since my diagnosis with Type 2, in 5/2006, I have lost 47 pounds. That equals out to 2.76 pounds per month. There were weeks when I lost 5 pounds, and many weeks when nothing happened. I always reasoned that my body was having to catch up with my reduced calorie intake.

I know what you mean. I just wish it was easier to loose weight and hard to gain (big time wishful thinking).
I guess what keeps me going is I have two teenage kids and I want to see them grow up go to college and
maybe someday get married and have kids.
Nobody said the loosing weight was going to be easy. I guess you have to first want to loose the weight for yourself.
Just don’t quit trying. You know the old saying “If at first you don’t suceed try, try again.” I was at the dr back in Aug.
and I had only lost 1 lb it’s not much but you know what? it’s a start.
Just don’t stop trying. That’s why we are here to give support.

I get discouraged too but I don’t just look at my journey as just weight loss. If I see that I’ve continued to exercise, that my numbers look pretty good, that I’ve stuck to my exercise routine or feel that some exercises are getting easier or I’m getting stronger, that I’ve developed some new healthy eating habits…I’m making progress. The weight loss is a the result of many different efforts…it’s a symptom of sorts…so try to look at other progresses you have made. I know…it’s sooo frustrating though!!