Hope that you are all okay!

Dear TuD friends in the Bay Area,

Hoping that you are all okay after the earthquake! Hoping that everyone is safe and sound!

When things settle down, it would be a kindness to let us know that you are okay.

Best wishes to all!


I did see on Twitter that all the DHF staff are ok, Manny did say it was the strongest and longest quake he'd ever felt.

All okay for me. I live ~13 miles from the epicenter. The shaking was strong and of course woke me up. A bit scary, but nothing fell down at our house. Just a reminder that we all need to be prepared for emergencies. Thanks for your concern, Marty!

Glad to hear you're ok, Melitta!

What a scare ...thinking of you ALL ...and thanks Marty for posting !!

Thanks so much, Marie! Glad to know that our friends at DHF are okay!

And glad to hear from everyone else who is okay, also!

Thanks for letting the rest of us know!