Hopes and wishes

I should hear about the Dexcom CGM soon. I am hoping all is 100% covered as I work 13 hours a week and only make minimum wage but need this CGM to help me understand my sugar levels a bit better especially when it comes to food choices. Even when I go out for dinner, I want to be able to make a better choice in food. I am just nervous it wont all be covered and I can’t pay out of pocket with the little pay I do get.

I am hoping to add to my diabetic tattoo. I like the ribbon that symbolizes the disease. But I am not sure what color the inside of the ribbon is! But I want to add it.

As far as the pump goes, I do hope my dr will sign off on it in November. I really want to get the process going. MDI is really getting to me especially when I go out with my friends. I like that I can push a button and insulin is delivered and no wiping the pen and stuff. I just hope to get it soon!

Little notes today as I am about to head out for dinner. But quick notes to say.

Good luck girl! You go!!! This can too be done!!!