Horray my new a1c came back!

My a1c in January was 12.6… I am happy to report that it is now 9.0 Sweet! That is even better than what it was since July of last year it was 11.6 then. I am soooo happy!

That is great news. And remember, the A1c reflects blood sugars over the last three months so your next one is certain to be even better!

So happy to see the improvement! It shows you’ve been working hard at it. Good for you! :slight_smile: And as you learn more about yourself and diabetes, it will only get better. :slight_smile:

Awesome news !!! Keep working on it and it will drop like a rock.

Congratulations! Its high improvement!! Just keep doing your best and soon you will get even more better results :slight_smile:
Btw what you have done so far its a great achievement… and must reflect in good health and more disposition!
Happy for u

Nice news. Good job. Thanks for sharing. You’re on the right track now. :slight_smile:

GREAT!!! Soon you’ll have it down in the 7’s.

Good work there. HURRAY!!!