Horrible weekend

Well this weekend turned out to be miserable for me. Friday was my first day at work which went good. I had one blood sugar crash. Saturday my boss left me alone at the gym and I closed. I had one blood sugar crash as the gym, was 40, low enough that I felt like I was going into shock. I got it corrected. Closed the gym at closing time and got home. Checked my sugar cause I was feeling poorly again, it was 85 so still within a decent range, but I knew based on how i was feeling that it was dropping to fast. So I went ahead and ate early in hope of preventing that drop. Well it didn’t work 30 min later I was at 33, so off to the phone I go to page Dr. Anderson. I am laying in bed with my room at about 60 degrees sweating extremely bad, so I knew my body was going into shock and I had to get it up fast. I got it up by the time Dr. Anderson called back, but I knew it was only temporary, he dropped my insulin by 60 units and told me if it does it again to go to the e.r. or call him back. (ok like most diabetics I hate the e.r.) Stayed manageable the rest of Sat. night. Sunday comes, check my sugar it is 110, I eat 4 pieces of toast, eggs, with ham, cheese, and onions. Took insulin before I ate, 40 min later I am down to 45. Now this was after decreasing my insulin dosage. So back to the phone I go, poor Dr. Anderson never gets a break from me it seems. So another insulin drop, this time we cut all dosages in half. And as we diabetics know the highs and lows take forever it seems for the body to recover. So after sleeping most of the day, I get up only to realize I am behind on school and probably won’t be able to get my homework done on time. So I email my instructors, one instructor is totally understanding and told me to take as much time as I needed with no penalty, the other instructor gives me one extra day with no penalty and then a week with a penalty. Was supposed to go to work today, but my body just can’t handle it. Even after sleeping what seemed like 24 hours out of a 24 hour period but I am guessing was about 18 hours I still am exhausted and feel like I can barely keep my eyes open. So I called in and told them I had the flu just because it is easier to say that then to have to explain what happens to the body with low or high blood sugars. Most diabetics have no clue about it.