We all have bad days

… I just wanted to post because today was a horrible blood sugar day. So often we are tempted to show our good, “well-controlled” diabetes side. So I decided to share my numbers with you… so that if you have a bad day, you will know that you are not alone.

I should add this is one of those bad days that I can completely blame on myself and poor decisions and bad management.

All I have to say is, I hope that tomorrow will be a better day!

Starting from midnight last night:
12:29am- 63 mg/dl (an all too common night time low, basal testing time again)
1:09am- 143 " (I overtreated)
2:27am- 111 " (corrected finally)
8:42am- 74 " (The day is looking good)
11:36am- 91 " (after a 24g cereal bar for breakfast, not bad)

Ate a high carb lunch (cheese tortellini counted at 70g), bolused 20 minutes early

2:47pm- 67 mg/dl (either i overbolused or should have used dual wave bolus)

To treat the low, I had some honey, followed by some cake (while talking on the phone and not really paying attention to how much I ate)

5:52pm- 303 mg/dl (why did I wait this long to check???)

Corrected, bolused for dinner (but waited to eat) and used the super bolus (I wanted to get down from 300 fast)

7:00pm- 49 mg/dl (I waited to long to eat, why didn’t I eat when the kitchen timer went off??? the over ate cause I was really afraid that I was going to keep dropping)

8:21pm- 241 mg/dl (yes, I did overeat, but apparently I have enough insulin on board to correct this)

10:37pm- 297 mg/dl (so while washing dishes, I decided to eat “just a few” strawberries without bolusing for them or even carb counting, good idea Kristin!)

Time for bed, I’ve corrected and would just like to end this rollercoaster of a day (and my constant bad decision-making). Hoping for a 70-150 day tomorrow! Wishing you all a much better day than mine!

I started reading your post and thought man if she thinks that is a bad day…

…then I read the rest, and yes poor you and yes thank you for posting as sometimes I feel I am the only one that screws up royally. You must feel totally drained as that is what the roller coaster does to me. I often go to bed just to disconnect and hope tomorrow starts off better.

Hope tomorrow is a perfect day for you!!!

kristin- I thought you did good, I thought Gish she is hard on herself! But as I Scrolled down …I thought wow! I’ve been there before! My weekend was like yours but not as high! Tomorrow will be a better day!

No doubt there are somedays you’d rather just pretend never happened. The most frustrating highs/lows are the ones that there are no logical reasons for (i.e. too many carbs; insulin dose; exercise; etc.) I’m actually tougher on myself when I have the unexplained extremes, whereas if I do something careless then I can live with it easier because it was my choice to make

Thanks for your honesty Kristin. I have to say this is me way too often. I hate those up and down days. I like the days where my cgm is flatlined, but there are those days when I have no idea what is going on, and my blood sugars are like a yo-yo. Obviously with your 6.5, this is not your typical day.

you know the funny thing is, when I was diagnosed I had a BS reading of 350 or something around there and my doctor got really concerned about this number asking if I was alright, do I know what day it is and so on.

this could have been written by me! I so agree with Rob G, too, about the unexplained highs being more difficult - because you literally and figuratively have no control. or it seems at the time - and hindsight is 20/20. wish you a better week

There are days that I just say nothing I can do, but make it thru until the next day. Having bad days is a part of life.


tomorrow will be a better day keep your faith.

jerry i get those same fillings. this is why i love this tudiabetes. i just got out of the hosp. and i fill verry weak. i just dont fill my self.