Hot Baths

Has anyone had a problem with taking a hot bubble bath while wearing a pod? I'm not sure if I should.

I have never had a problem with this. Just to be safe, when I attach a new pod, I swab wherever I am going to place the pod with that extra sticky material which acts like glue so it doesn’t loosen in the hot water. Not a problem and I take pretty hot baths.

I actually do this all the time. Haven’t had any pod failures that I attribute to this. My main concern is that the heat might damage the insulin, so I try to limit the time or keep the pod out of the water if it’s on an arm or something. Hope this helps.

I have spent hours in a hottub, and never experienced any toruble…hope it will be no problem for you! Every winter I probably take about 4 or 5 of these “marathon” hot tub experiences…no problems!

I used to worry about this too, but I find that I can take a hot bath and even spend 15 minutes or so in a dry sauna with no problem. As long as you keep an eye on your BG afterward, you’re fine!

Took one last night…had to top it off with hot water 3 or 4 times too… Just be careful with the pod until it’s really dry, I find that after a SUPER long bath, my pods will be loose until all the adhesive UNDER the pod is dry…

Bubble away!

with the pod in the hot tub, or on your arm hanging out of the tub?

I’ve definitely “boiled” my insulin, but we keep our tub at about 106…

good point Maia! My arm (the one with the pod) would be out and hanging over the side!

Not a problem here either. I truly enjoy my very long super warm baths!!! I’m always re-warming my water, too. Most of the time my pods is submerged. This was one of my early concerns. I may have even posted the same question.

My 3 yr old has the omnipod - all she takes is baths(though I would not consider them hot) - we have had a couple fall off her lower back after a bath (they were fully submerged for about 20 -30 minutes) - so I would go with the arm if you can. Now if we have them on her lower back we try to shorten her bath or make it shallow. Funny bath pod story - Maddy was in the bath with her little sister (18mos at the time) and they were playing and all of sudden Maddy yelled - I look up ( i tend to leaf through catalogs while they are playing in the bath) and the 18 month old has the pod in her hand! Now we make sure the little one is on the opposite side of Maddy than the pod.

That is a great story! I can defiantely see that happening it an instance. Thanks for sharing!

I do every night! This is so important to me before I even ordered the dang thing I made sure it was ok :). No issues at all! Bath and a book every night. Brings me joy!