The Pod & Bubbles

I know this may sound strange, but I do want to wait until I get a little advice.
I was thinking about taking a relaxing bubble bath tonight…you know, to relieve tension and all. I have the Omnipod on my arm and left it outside the water & bubbles. I wasn’t sure if putting the pod in bubbles would mess it up.
So do you think putting the pod in a bubble bath is ok? Anything would be helpful =) Thanks!

This question is right up my alley…I love bubble baths; and have NOT stopped taking them. I have, however, reduced the temp. of my water. Page 52 of the OmniPod manual says to avoid extreme temperatures; and that they recommend that you remove your pod prior to using hot tubs, whirlpools, or saunas. I’ve been treating myself to those extra long soaks when it’s time to change pods. Wonder what would happen if you’d find a way of covering the pod with one of those cold gel packs…or maybe cool gel packs.

Bubbles…no problem…just rinse it off and pat it dry.

awesome! thanks =)

I posted this in a thread about sunbathing. I think the temperature of your body being lower than the water in the tub will have a cooling effect on the insulin. If the water gets so hot that it gives you a heat stroke, you’re probably ok. It would be a plus if the pod is on your arm and not submerged the whole time.

My son uses the OmniPod and took full advantage of our hot tub last summer. We kept it in the high 90s and I always kept a close eye on BGs just to see what happened. Never had a problem.