Tanning/Hot Tubs with the Pod

Hi everyone–

So the initial shock of the pump has come and gone. Don’t know how I would live without it now. I’ve only tried placing it on my left and right sides above my belly button. My A1c was checked this Monday and after being on the pod 1 month-- 6.3! HOLY COW soooo excited!

So now that summer is approaching and I’m planning a cruise for this fall-- I need tips.

Hot tubs? I can’t find information anywhere! I can’t imagine getting the pod hot and warming the insulin would be a smart idea, but we own a hot tub- so help!

As well, I’m quite addicted to tanning (yes, I know, bad for you…) but the same issue as well-- heating the pod? As well, I can’t imagine large white spots as I switch sides would be all that lovely…
But I’m sure someone has done it and would love to share their thoughts/ideas in general.

Thanks everyone. Now that I can’t live without it, I’m trying to learn to live MY life with it :slight_smile:

I think the hot tub warm water temperature might loosen the adhesive and the pod might fall off. As far as tanning, the temperature could be an issue too, but try wearing it on the back of your upper arms, so you don’t have a white spot when showing your abs off. :slight_smile:

I’ve always had it on my upper arm when in a hot tub and it has been just fine. I just keep it out of the water. Haven’t tried tanning, but I have really wanted to sooo would love to hear anyone’s advice on that one!

I asked and Insulet advises against hot tubs with the pod. They said that normally, your body temperature helps keep the insulin at an acceptable temp, but in a hot tub, the water overheats the insulin. Of course, now I’m wondering about wearing it on the upper arm and not getting it in the water. When we’ve been on vacation, we wait for a pod change day and just give my 15-year-old daughter a little extra bolus to cover what her basal would be and take the pod off and let her enjoy the hot tub.

Everyone else has said it well. Use your upper arm or go in the hot tub between pod changes. Insulin breaks down at temps that high. I make it a policy not to boil anything that costs more than printer ink. ;D

Can’t speak to the tanning bed aspect, but I know tanning in general has been discussed in the past. I would use the search box in the Omnipod forum b/c I’m sure you’ll get a few items to pop up.

I’ve used the hot tub before w/ the pod on my arm. No issues to speak of. If you submerge it, the high temps will degrade the insulin some, and it will likely affect the adhesive-ness of it. I would just say check your BG often (esp. w/ an extended time in the hot tub) and if you see trending BGs, I’d put on a new pod and realize that however long you were in there was “too long”.Hopefully you can find the happy medium :slight_smile:

Megan, also explore discussions about Pod placement. Lots of people wear it on their upper butt area so that the Pod would possibly be under cover and tan marks wouldn’t be an issue. I am not a tanner (anymore) but need to expand my site locations. I have only tried the belly also but have considered trying it lower…below the bikini line…wondering if wearing only bathing suits and sun dresses would be feasible for the 2 or 3 days of Pod placement at that site.

Pretty much every day, I sit down in the hot tub, with the pod on my arm…I usually sit in the corner and rest my arm on the edge… I find that if it happens to get slightly wet, or warm, it usually is just fine… Sometimes, if I needed to wear it on my hip for work or an event, I’ll just dangle my feet in (or do a less than thirty-second dip)

Hi Megan…I put a pod lower on my belly, below the bikini line, this AM…so far, so good. I am wearing fairly low, slightly loose fitting shorts and it is working out. I have a little bit of a mom pouch tho. It might not work the same on you.