Hot Chocolate Recipe?

Does anyone have a good sugar free hot chocolate recipe?

I bought a name brand hot cocoa that was sugar free, and it was so bad that I could not give it away at work, and I work with engineers who will eat anything that is free. Please help if you have been successful.

I just add unsweetened cocoa powder ( 2 TBS) to heavy cream with some water added, a dash of vanilla extract (optional) heat & add artificial sweetener or stevia. I use cream because it has less carbs than milk. Milk sends me high.

For one serving:
1/4 cup dry skimmed milk powder
2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa
1 teaspoon splenda
1 cup boiling water

Stir together until all dry ingredients are dissolved
ps. a drop of vanilla or dash of cinammon (if desired) can add pizaz to the drink =)

I looked on the back of an unsweetened cocoa powder container. It had a recipe for hot cocoa. I just changed out the sugar for splenda, only less, and it was YUMMY!!

Tanya, i use ground cocoa powder, but to make it taste better i add skim milk and stevia. soo good

And try putting just a pinch of cinnamon in the mix…it really brings out the chocolate flavor.


Hi Tanya, I mix cocoa powder with hot water to break up the lumps of cocoa. I then add splenda to taste and for
the milk I use non fat half and half(it makes it much richer, and it has no carbs! I add a dash of vanilla, then
the secret is a tiny pinch of salt YUMMY!!!

Tanya, this has been a problem with me because I love a cup of hot chocolate before bed in the winter. If you like almonds I have found that 8 ozs of almond milk with 1 tbs cocoa and 1 tbs sweetner makes a great low carb/low calorie bedtime treat (65 cals and about 7 carbs).

mmm Tanya…this is the way I make mine too. Yummy. You can also make whip-cream with almonds/cashews in a blender too.

Yeah, that’s what I do…