Spicy hot chocolate, with some whipped cream and dark chocolate flakes


A teaspoon of Hershey’s Dutch chocolate powder (the baking variety, so there’s only chocolate, and nothing else) mixed with a 3/4th cup of hot water, and two tablespoons of half and half (I use Land O Lakes Mini Moo’s). A pinch of dried smoked chipotle powder gives that spicy punch with a subtle smoky flavor, and a sachet of your preferred sweetening agent. Topped off with some light whipped cream and chocolate flakes. It’s not winter yet; I’m just getting ready.

Has about 5 grams of carb.

Many thanks to Jenny for the idea to use Dutchified cocoa powder.


I love your food photos! I make my hot chocolate the same way, except I use unsweetened soy milk instead of water and cream. The carbs come out about the same. Sometimes, I even leave out the sweetener. The bitter taste is nice.


@Mollyjade: Thanks! I’ll have to try it with soy milk. A soy choco latte. hmmm…