Almond milk

I picked up some unsweetened vanilla almond milk at Trader Joes the other day because it seemed too good to be true -- only 40 calories and, I think, 2 grams of carbs per cup. I made the most amazing hot chocolate with it using unsweetened cocoa powder and da Vinci sugar free vanilla syrup. It's now my "go to" dessert.

I'm thinking about trying to bake with it or make custard. Has anyone tried that?

I use almond milk with my Kashi cereal. 36gm. carb, 8gm. fiber plus 1gm. carb per cup of unsweetened almond milk. I love cold cereal and this works for me. I used almond milk to make sugar free instant pudding and it did not set up.

I have used it for many recipes and with my coffee. I could not be More PLEASED! Great addition to a low carb/diabetic diet.

My son and DIL use soy milk all the TN it's cheaper than regular milk, and they love it. We looked it up here, and the health factors are as you said, but the cost in almost 1/3 you use it for everything or just for baking and breakfast food?

sounds tasty! let me know if it works out.