Hot yoga highs?

I've tried many variations of warm/hot yoga over several years (Bikram, Moksha, Core Power, Baptiste....) I typically do a vinyasa flow class, so working hard. My blood sugar seems to do an initial dip then a slow and steady climb that can last up to two hours post workout. This only happens to me when I'm doing hot yoga - the same vinyasa flow in regular temp. would likely lower my blood sugar. Curious if others have found this to be true for them, and wondering if there are any yogis out there who could shed some light on how they personally handle dosing for hot yoga?

I experience this with other high intensity sports. Your body is scavenging because you don't have enough insulin/food available. I have a piece of peanut butter and toast with about 1/4 the insulin I would normally take. This allows me to stay flat for the hour(or more). Without the steady rise. Also expect the usual lows after.

Thanks Don! I have a hard time eating before yoga because it tends to make me feel sick if I do - but will play around with it! I also just started reading the Diabetic Athlete's Handbook (I think I'm late to the game on that...not sure why I hadn't stumbled upon it ever before).

LOL... anybody who thinks "slow" yoga is not very physical is doing something dead wrong in my humble view!!! The meaningfully extra heat could well be causing better blood flow, as such faster absorption of the insulin maybe?

Depending on how hard you are pushing yourself, could easily be getting an adrenaline response/dump. Some postures/asana will cause it, more easily than others. Regardless, too hard, "overload" is one of the meaningful criticisms of externalized flavors of yoga. COnsider cutting back the intensity a tangible amount see if that crushes the spike??? If it does, you have the answer.

My guess you likely have both things occuring at the same time probably.

Just seeing this question. I just started hot yoga this summer and definitely noticed the trend you are talking about. I don't tend to go too high in the class but immediately after my blood sugar ZOOMS up. I'm going to attempt to wear my Dexcom in class tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about the alarms going off during the asanas. Do you have experience wearing a Dexcom in hot yoga? I'm also worried about how the poses will affect my site. I guess I'll find out soon enough!

How did your Dexcom hold up in yoga class? I just started wearing Pinky (that is what i call my pink receiver as in Pinky and the brain :) corny i know but it helps me identify it when i seem to misplace it! everyone knows what i am talking about!)
My blood sugars start to drop during swimming and then raise for the next 2 hours, then drop again, I want to start a new yoga class, and thought i would see how it held up during, swimming is a little harder than i thought, but i manage!!

Hey Elizabetta and diabeticdoll - Just seeing Elizabetta's comment - I just started using Dex about two months ago (the pink one too :)), and haven't tried bringing it with me - I use reinforcement medical tape on my site but have the same concerns you do about certain poses, Elizabetta. Shortly afer first posting this, I moved to wearing my pump through the class and not suspending with a pre-workout reduction in basal to 80% and a post workout increase in basal to 120% which seemed to help, but I really hate wearing my pump during yoga...I find I inevitably adjust my poses to prevent it from falling out.

Your basals sound great...I think 120% at the end might be what I need too...moved my pump to a better site for poses (lower on the abs rather than upper...) Hopefully that will help.

Elizabetta - Just an update for you: I wore my Dex to a hot class last week with opsite flexifix medical tape on top of it and unfortunately it still fell off due to all of my sweat :(. Huge bummer! Let me know if you find anything that helps to keep it on during longer yoga sessions.

Hi Katie,
So weirdly using tape was making my Dex site worse in yoga. The sweat would soak the tape and it would fall off easier. I've moved my Dex down onto my low hips/low belly/upper thighs where it's covered by my fitness shorts & that has been working so far. I did have one incident where it slipped out again but lucky for me it happened AFTER class. The problem with my current method is I'm going to run out of skin real estate eventually.....sigh. I hope Dex technology evolves into something smaller and implantable.

Thx for mentioning that book, just downloaded it