Wearing Dexcom for the first time in hot yoga tomorrow

Hi y'all- I've been doing hot yoga since July and I love it. I haven't had any problems with bringin my pump and tester in with me along with lifesavers in case in I get low. So far I've managed to avoid a lot of lows. Something I haven't avoided is increasing high blood sugars at the end of class. I'm sure it's the adrenaline rush from anaerobic exercise. I put on my new Dexcom today and will wear it to the studio tomorrow but am worried about the alarms/alerts bothering people while they are in asanas. Has anyone else dealt with this? Also I stupidly attached the Dex to my upper abdomen. Ooof. Am I going to be able to do any of the poses or should I just consider taking it out now? Also, I have some IV-3000 to help keep the Dex attached...do you think that will be enough?

The tape should help keep attached fine. The high BG is inevitable with hot yoga. make sure you drink tons of water. As for the alarms...I turn my dex to shutdown during class. In 5 minutes its back on and you can see what happened. other times, I leave it on , but end up thinking ABOUT IT GOING OFF. I don't know why I am concerned about others...its really no big deal.

Thanks for the reply! I will likely put it to shutdown....my highs usually don't happen until after class as ended but are better if I pump insulin and eat right away....annoying that such intense exercise leads to unpredictable highs.

I did the Bikram Hot yoga and for the first 9months, I had no problem with my pump or the Dex receiver.. but then my Dex receiver started flaking out on me.. I was doing the hot yoga at least twice a week, sometimes three.. and somehow there was humiditiy getting into the receiver and the pump.. i used the rice trick to get rid of the humidity, at first i didn't know what was going on, because it was like a drastic thing.. but the buttons became hard to accept my pushing them.. once i soaked it in a bag of rice, that went away.. my personal thinking is to keep the Dex in a plastic bag so the humidity cannot get inside, this has worked for me

I notice that I have to change my pump sites more often since I started doing yoga. They don't last 3-4 days like they used to. I find changing them after 2 days makes the insulin flow more efficient. I love yoga but...trade-offs. I guess it's better for my skin to change the sites more often.