How about some HAPPY!

I agree Clare. Sanity is one of those things that if you think you have it you probally don't. They say one out of three people has some kind of mental problem. So look at two of your friends if they seem OK you might want to ask yourself if it might be me.

Gary S

I don't have a lot of Great things to add. I am grateful it is not my turn everyday to have Great things about my life. The air conditioning is working quite well at home.

I threw out my coffee maker and have gone 100% to using my French Press. With diabetes there is no reason to live life doing things half-assed.

Gave up coffee when my beloved husband went to coffee maker and folgers. Switched to iced tea (Harney and Sons black tea) for the 110 in the shade summer. Will faithfully return to the BEST coffee made with a French press when the temps fall.

What is your favorite coffee for the French Press? Do you use filtered water?

Yea, half-assed does not work at this point in my life.

Absolutely love all the comments. We are up and down, but we carry on!

Right now I am loving African mild roast beans.

another Happy one : I visited the Optometrist yesterday some new goggles..present ones show their age...also the lenses seem hard to keep clean .Pics were taken and Doc said same as Opthamologist ..I don't need a prescription change and he congratulated me (as did she 2 ms ago ) with D for 29 plus years NO diabetes related eye problems ...a Great Life ...and more to move towards age 73 !

Paleo breads??

I thought the paleo diet reflects the food of hunter gatherers from before agriculture and excludes grains?

Wow! It's a good time to be you! Enjoy yourself - that sounds wonderful!

Nothing... It all sucks..and continue to blame diabetes for my complete misery, distress, hopelessness, anger, anxiety, depression....etc. Though I'm prepared to hear over and over its my attitude and not the diabetes until you experience the same symptoms as me you really have no right. Yeah I'm alive but living like this I'm not so sure that is even positive anymore.

That is fantastic! She's a lucky kitten to have wound up in your driveway. Thank you for doing that. I hope your lives together bring smiles to you everyday. I have two dogs who were rescues and they make me happy just being with them every day.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." :-)

It's winter here, and we've had lots of early snow, I've skied already and looking forward to lots more. And when I did 2 days skiing, by bg's were really good.

I have 3 VERY SOON to be 4 g-kids and another g-child comming in November!!!
Pretty good for a Type 1 D that became a D at 10.

I am on holidays in WARMMMMMM Jamaica. Loving catching up with old friends, and family and good fellowship here.Back in a week to work...and the usual, but for now YAYYYYYY!!! Holidays :)

Having the freedom to do the things I want to do, and realizing I am
where I am, so I do what I do.

Excellent. I have two and they are the lights of my life. My granddaughter called up (she is 3.5) and said "Grandma, do you have power?"(We just had some huge storms and many have been without power in 100+ temps for over a week!) They came over for coolness! She is a sweetie. My grandson, there are no words for the wonder of either of them.

I am also grateful for technology it has kept me alive. I don't know if how long we've lieved helps us to appreciate life and also how well we've lived...I say it loud and proud I am grateful to be alive!!

WOW. Good one, Betty J. I think we forget that sometimes. People used to die quickly, even with insulin. We are indeed blessed by tech.