How about some HAPPY!

There has been a lot of doom and gloom here lately. I know everyone is busy, depressed, overwhelmed and it is summer (and about 102 degrees here at the moment.)

For me, there are some not so bad things about my life as a Type 1; things I have conquered: I am alive (thanks to all the tech since 1960..), have a fantastic family (OK, again the tech, but my son is a wonderful man), had a great career (just retired,) but mostly, I have support from my family, friends, and the folks here who have been so amazing.

So, what is Great about your life???

Yeah, diabetes suxx but there's a lot out there besides it to find and enjoy!

I read this today on Canadian Diabetes Association , Victoria , BC FaceBook and that made me happy /feeling great

The sun came out for a bit - finally! The peonies are blooming and they are not only lovely, they fill the whole house with sweet aroma and color!! The lilies are coming, the lilies are coming, and they smell better than the peony!!! My local library now has ebook loan available!!!! I have amazing people in my life, both on line and for real :)

Happy happy happy. I love summertime, I'd rather live in my bathing suit than in goose down lol. Thanks for making me smile some more, Spock!

ps - sorry for the hot and humid temps that are everywhere (except where I live), please take care everyone.

After 38 years of injections, I start on an Animas Ping insulin pump July 10.

I start a 3-week holiday starting July 14. I don't have big plans, but I'll be relaxing, visiting friends and family, and perhaps taking a cooking class.

I've lost 30 pounds since the beginning of March without really trying too hard or sacrificing anything.

i am a teacher in a primary sch00l in andalucia, spain and i just have a meeting with my director today and then im on holiday f0r 8 glorious weeks! its going to be a working holiday because im creating the work schemes for years five and six, a challenge that will keep my creative brain working through the summer!
i am going to spend loads 0f time with my family (i have "mom"itis, cant wait t0 see my ma!) and go to the pool and the beach and eat lots 0f southern food even though its bad f0r me. i will go t0 bed as early or late as i want and drink lots 0f tea watching the sun rise over the pond at my ma´s in south carolina.
a short story race thru the web using rorys st0ry cubes is def on the cards, too.
and my sprained foot is almost all healed!!

Just switched to a new pump after almost 14 years on a different brand! Have a wonderful and supportive husband and a great family, and I get to take a week off in July :slight_smile:

Thanks for this thread, nice to think positive thoughts early in the morning!

And congrats on retiring!!!

Thanks for posting this lovely discussion, Spock. And I appreciate so much reirement, as I have been retired for a year now. You will love it!!
I know the weather is very hot, but I am loving my AC ( air conditioning),going to the pool, and loving watching my garden grow ( with a lot of tending to it) My gladiolas will bloom soon and my daylilies and petunias are a festival of color. The flowers in the beds around the house and pots and hanging baskets on the porch are such a joy to behold when I am sitting on the porch swing. In my veggie garden out back, I have 6 thriving tomato plants and 4 collards..They are doing great.
Going to see my relatives in Ga for the 4th. Really appreciate the caring family of Tudiabetes as well. When I get a low, from all this extra activity, which is almost inevitable unles I definitely remember to lower the basals; 15 skittles, which are delicious, immediately do the trick.
All of these thngs, aided by my assurance of God's love for me, bring me joy and contentment

God bless,

I just got a new job that I LOVE!

That's so awesome, Jen!!

God bless,

I have discovered Julian Bakery and their low carb and paleo breads. I order online once a month, UPS brings it, I throw it in the freezer. You just can't make a decent peanut butter sandwich on romaine lettuce leaves.

I am really liking my life right now. My kids are grown (one is till in college and one is starting law school and both are doing very well.) My job is good and I am so enjoying the quiet peaceful time I share with my husband every evening. We truly are enjoying the empty nest. I am loving my cooking and experimentation with replicating recipes and making them low carb. I feel I can enjoy food again without so much fear (and my family loves my food too!). I realized I am used to life with T1 diabetes (3. 5 years after diagnosis). While I will never like it, it has become the norm. I am training for my first marathon (at age 50) a life long dream and now a reality. So all in is very good!

I am currently in the Poconos at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort with my husband of 25 years and my son of almost 22 years. We just arrived and have a fantastic suite that came complete with a full kitchen already stocked with OJ, cheese and crackers. The weather is hot but not insufferable and I am looking forward to a break from work and several rounds of golf and maybe some mixed doubles in tennis with son and his girlfriend.Life is good !

wow my peonies are long since finished but yes you're right they smell amazing

Happy News! My D is under control, My weight is normal and our mortgage is paid off. All this for the first time in 20 years. And I still got my sanity through it all. I think

Gary S

Congrats Gary, good for you, sanity however is totally over-rated.

The mortgage being paid off is awesome though !

I've had a rough couple weeks. Lost my 18-year old cat, Lula, and have been experiencing an increase of my arrhythmia symptoms. But you know what, life is still good. I am lucky to have insurance for life to pay for my pump and other medical needs. In August I'm going to Tampa to the wedding of a friend I've known since I was 17 (and haven't seen in 30 years!). I live in a beautiful place and there is a doe lying down relaxing next to my hammock behind the house right now. Thanks for this topic. When things have been rough is when I (we all) need to remember what we're grateful for.

23 years with type 1 ( since 10) and my eyes are good , kidneys are good and my a1c went down to a 7.7 it uses to be above 8. I just saved the life of a stray kitten that was suffering from a 104 fever . I found her in my driveway and took her to the emergency animal hospital on Tuesday . She is now home with me and she has no fever and is eating on her own . The vet told me had i not found her she would have died . It feels good to safe a life !

No gloom , contrary :)

I was fund raising today with the help of a Mom , whose son pumper buddy ,diagnosed at age 3 ; he is tall , good looking , 15 years,camping with his Dad this Canada Day celebration weekend ...we took in CAN $ 340.58 at the local liquor store for my Team Diabetes Amsterdam walk/run , October 2013 ...could not be any happier with how our community responded these 3 1/2 hours :) .Tomorrow another day ...without my " the Best helper " ..My story for all people with diabetes