How can I change my eating?

So I was diagosed in Aug but had gestational with my daughter several years ago. To me its not about eating healthy or quitting those things you love. I am the worlds most picky eater. I hate veggies, and like very little. But the things I do like are high in sugar, naturally! One of the meds the dr gave me helps me so much. Symlin. I have been on it since Aug, and have lost 30 lbs. I did have to give up my sacred dr peppers. But if i want some chocolate, i will eat a snack size bar. If I want something, I won’t deprive myself, I will just eat enough to kill my craving. I do watch my sugar, to make sure im ok after eating it. But to be honest, it has never gone way up from just cheating a little. I love fruit. Well being diabetic, fruit isn’t our friend. But I will eat enough to satisfy me. I freaked out when I found out I had diabetes, but I think in the past few months, I have learned to adapt rather well. Im proud of myself. When I started my sugars were well over 300 and now they avg 120. So don’t get discouraged. I promise it gets easier.

I am very glad for your recovery - and your courage to share your experience with me/us.

The nurse pract. that I went to see w/re to my offical “diabetic teaching” meeing said that everything has to be balanced - the booklet she gave me was so far gone to me that I never opened it again. She wants me on a low fat, low carb diet of 1500 cal. a day - I will have to find my own way to cope and the book you suggested sounds interesting.