Why do I keep putting this change off?

I’m finding it really hard to stick to my good eating. How did you friends get past this? Any special ideas? I’m sure in need of some right now.

I have the same struggle, Dean! Sometimes it feels neverending.

It helps me some if I get into a schedule about shopping for healthy food and preparing the food. (Like going shopping for fresh veggies every Wednesday and Saturday, etc.)

It is really hard for me too, Dean. A lot of discipline and control. First thing I did was encourage the household to eat healthy meals with me (thank God it’s just my husband and I, it might be difficult if there are kids around). Second, I cook all meals. We treat each other by gong out to dinner or lunch at least once a week. But most meals and snacks are prepared by myself. So I can monitor nutrients and freshness of the food. Third, when its grocery shopping days, we try to avoid unneccesary food, like junk foods… to avoid temptation. We, however make some exeptions when there are special occassions, guest, or for my husband’s chips during football season. I do get some snacks that are more appropriate for me like nuts, popcorn and fruits. When eating healthy food becomes routinary…it becomes a habit.

Hope this helps a bit.

Dean, I tend to be a bit of a hard-head so once I made the decision to live with this, as opposed to dieing from it, I just do what is needed without any added thought.

First, if you don’t have it around you won’t eat it. So go to the grocery store with a list and full stomach. Buy the good stuff, avoid the bad stuff. Some people ‘shop the walls’ meaning they only buy stuff that’s displayed on the outside aisles of the grocery story. Most of the junk is in the middle.

Second, pack your own lunch. You’ll save money, too.

Just a thought.

Good luck!


all of these are good suggestions, but in terms of mind sets, I go with this:

When I think of something really delicious and bad for me and full of carbs, etc, I say to myself :

“I can make better choices than this.”

Most days, this is enough for me. However, somedays, I don’t always make the best choices. I find it is much easier to deal with food cravings, etc, if I don’t use an absolute- like telling myself that I can’t have this or that, or that I will never eat X,Y or Z again. That never seems to work and just makes me want that thing more. But if tell myself that it is still an option, but that there are better ones available, it makes me feel less like I am giving up something up.

I hope this helps.

I like this idea! I also don’t like to think of foods as “forbidden”. But that means I end up eating a “small” amount of chocolate or something else… and sometimes I have a hard time with portion control once I start!

I will try the “I can make better choices” strategy this week :slight_smile:

I think we all struggle with food choices, just some more than others and some times more than others. Just remember, it’s all about choices, and most of us do cheat. It’s all about making the right choices and those times we do cheat, we keep it to a minimum.

What I do personally, is exercise. I figure if I’m exercising my body to be healthy, I need to make food choices to help it be healthy.

The problem with developing good (food) habits is that you have to keep practicing them until its a habit, lol!

I keep reminding myself that being energized, alert and healthy feels better than that (insert old habit) will ever taste or feel.

With food, I find being organized and prepared helps the most. I make lunch to take to work the night before, because I know I’ll be less apt to in the morning. I make sure there’s lots of healthy options on hand for the week. And I remember that there’s nothing forbidden - but I make the best choices most of the time, and have a ‘treat’ in moderation every now and then.

  1. If you’re going to indulge (and I do believe in planning for indulgences), indulge only in super-fantastic foods. It’s no fun to splurge calories and carbs on something that tastes only so-so. You deserve the best.
  2. Take time to prep the best food you can make and afford. Cut up lots of fresh, non-starchy vegetables and make sure to incorporate them in your meals. A balanced diet in which you aim for several of the food groups (lean proteins, healthy fats, low-fat dairy, whole-grain starches, non-starchy fruits and veggies) at one meal can be surprisingly interesting and satisfying. It is work, however, so you have to allow time to incorporate buying and prepping healthful food in your day.
  3. Start with small goals. “Good eating” is a huge and complex subject. This week, for example, work on having a non-starchy veggie at each meal (if you currently don’t). Next week, substitute baking or broiling or grilling for fried foods. The week after, buy low-sodium products and rinse can goods to rid them of excess sodium (sodium is a serious issue for people with diabetes because we are more prone to high blood pressure). Week 4, choose complex whole grains with lots of fiber, like barley or corn tortillas, instead of white rice or flour tortillas.
  4. Let us know what you find works for you–it’s always great to hear the tried-and-true ideas.

helping: supportive spouse who wants to eat healthy
not helping: workplace that provides meals (including many packaged carbs)

strategy: have nuts with me to help with “temptations” and eat planned good snacks regularly to avoid becoming hungry

that’s what’s working for me. good luck!

The only time everything works for me is when I keep a log. I was keeping one a few months back and it helped me stay on track. I was counting carbs, excersising daily and really watching what I ate. Now…I haven’t been keeping a log and I’m no longer excersising. I don’t count the carbs anymore but I do watch what I eat. Thanks for bringing me back to reality. Time to start logging again.

Hi Dean Your question has brought me to the realization that i too am struggling with this same issue. I was Dxd in 97 but still fall to bad habits… I will tell you that for me like Kathy when i write everything down i have better control, but its easier said than done. What i do now is give myself small goals I test every 4 hours regardless of where i am. I have Bg meter that links results with my pump so all i do is click and correct if needed. Just take it one day at a time but unfortunately with diabetes u do have to think of the days ahead so plan your meals. I come from a large Latin family so there is always a party some where a quincianera,wedding Birthday Graduation or just because someone was happy and cooked alot of food LOL… I always carry my coke Zero with me and that helps in keeping carbs down and the rest is just picking food wisely.sometimes i just don’t go and for now that is what is working. The family does’t like it but it is just to hard for me. But one of the things i am doing now to help me is coming here and talking to others who understand my fight…It is so theraputic…And last but not least I changed from white bread to wheat and from flour tortillas to corn…Any time you want help just ask…Take care…


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