How could one buy a Navigator CGM from Europe?

Does anyone know how to buy a Navigator CGM from Europe? Abbott Diabetes Care offers no advice other than to tell me they are available in EU but can't tell me how or where.

Abbott no longer sells the Nav in the US, even though I think they're still made here.

Having years of experience with both Navigator and the Dexcom 7plus I'm willing to pay for the Navigator even though my insurance covers the Dex, because the Nav is that much better in my opinion.

Any ideas or opinions on which EU country would be the best source and what hoops I'd have to jump through.

I am using a Navigator from Israel, and I know someone using one from France.
Two important things to be aware of. First, some countries use the US system of blood glucose measurement mg/dL, and some use the other system mmol/l. You should make sure you get the system you are used to since otherwise you will go crazy. Second of all they will only ship to an address in their country. Therefore, you will need a local contact to receive the package and forward it on to you. Three (sounds like a Monty Python skit now) you will get approximately zero support. No 800 phone numbers for 24/7 support. You will be on your own. Four, no discounts. When I could buy in the US I got the discount that the insurer negotiated with Abbott. Also that shipment from overseas to here is not cheap. The Navigators from overseas are the 1.5 version which give you your first reading in 1 hour instead of 10. That's really nice.

All I needed was a letter of necessity from my Doc.

However, I must stress that this is not for the faint of heart. I cannot recommend it. There is a lot of delay and aggravation and expense.

contact me off list if you need specifics.

John H,
Maybe I'm just going to have to do with the second best Dexcom for now. The Dexcom is so inferior but it's still better than no CGM. I probably fall into the "faint at heart" category. For the time being I guess I'll stay with the Dexcom.
Thanks for your advice, you've pointed out the downsides that I've overlooked,

I'm considering buying the Navigator, and found U.K. based information through this link:

It costs £950 for the System Kit, and £240 for a box of six sensors. I'm based in Ireland and will have to figure out how to get around the "living in the same country" rules imposed by Abbott.

Good luck and I hope you are succesful :)

That's a lot more than I paid for my first Navigator but still reasonable for what it does and I'd be willing to shell out for it. My next door neighbor's daughter lives in London, maybe she'd be able to get it and mail it. Do you know whether U.K. requires a prescription?

Abbott advise that they will only send the product to the registered credit card/debit card address of the person buying it. And this address must be within the U.K. as the product is only registered for use within the U.K. No prescription is required, and the product is not covered by warranty if used outside of the U.K.

Thanks Jason, I've got a lot to think about. I could probably forward the money to my neighbors daughter, who'm I've met a couple of times, then have her Fedex it to me, $50-60 US. So after all is done it'd run me $2000 US. but that'd last me at least 6 months as I always got a minimum of 30days from each sensor, sometimes much longer.
I appreciate the info.

Yes I have a similar process, and I am next door in Ireland. The Nav seems to have a strong following and would be my preferred choice. Best of luck with it :slight_smile:

Only France and Israel use our system of measurement. And the transmitter battery pins and set pin still suck!!! The new NAV 2 was recently approved in the UC. it will not have replaceable batteries in either the handset, or the transmitter, from what I hav read. I love the NAv 1.5, but the batter pin broke off at month 11 ( was replaced) only to have the alignment set pin break shortly after on the new one. I am using the new Dex g4 platinum ( with a choice of colors, all of which go in a black leather case)( Do they really think we care about color, and not accuracy???. It does seem to be somewhat more accurate, but still gives many false readings. I need to scrape $800 US to get a new transmitter for the Nav 1.5 in Isreal, don't have a price on the Nav2 yet.

Do you know anything about the Nav 2 sensors?
I have seen a picture of the receiver. It has a color screen.

Here are the links to the French released version. I do not know the current costs. I have not found out if Israel has the new Nav2 yet.

Thanks for sharing. My endo estimated 2-3 years for it to be available in the US. Of course, estimating anything regarding the FDA is probably futile. However, he did indicate that Abbot was trying.

He also said it was available in Germany. Sensors use the current Navigator technology, but are different sized than the current version so they cannot be interchanged.

All the countries except USA France and Israel use mmol/l We use mg/dl. Of course, you and I could live with converting the numbers. I do not know why your Dr thinks Nave will be back, since the Nav1.5 was never released here, and it was FDA approved several years ago.

I just recently upgraded to the G4 Dex and it now does compare favorably to the Nav. I hated the Dex 7plus compared to the Nav but now I'm satisfied with the G4 except I could get longer sensor life with the Nav.