Abbott Not Making The Navigator?

Today I received an e-mail from my medical supply company telling me that my insurance had covered me for the Navigator :slight_smile: The rep from the company told me that all the medical supply companies were on backorder for the Navigators. She also said that Abbott was not making any more as of right now.
Any ideas, or has anyone heard this???

I am very interested in others responses. When I called the DSC (supplier for our insurance ) I asked about getting a system (or transmitter specifically) and they told me that they did not have any( systems or transmitters) and that I could only purchase sensors from them for now and if I wanted a system I needed to call the navigator rep or abbott.
They did not say that abbott had stopped making them.

I was originally approved for an Abbott Navigator and paid the supplier my $500 deductible but was told at the same time that the CGMS was currently on back order and had been for a few weeks. I was number 8 on the list. It’s been a week now and I talked to the supplier and found out that they only had a “few” Abbott Navigators come in (meaning not enough for me #8 on list). With how I’m not feeling my lows during night or day, luckily the supplier rep told me that they have Dexcom Seven Plus in stock. I also found out that this isn’t the first time that Abbott has had back orders and issues. Hopefully you’ll get your CGMS soon!

I was curious if anyone else had problems with the Abbott customer service (not the supplier/distributor)? When I originally called to find out more about the Abbott Navigator, the person from Abbott pretty much had an attitude that they could care less about trying to sway me and told me to just go to their website.

Again, good luck in getting your CGMS.

My DME rep has been e-mailing me in regards to the Navigator. She has told me they do not know when they are getting more in. It may be tomorrow, next week, or months. When she initally told me this, I contacted Abbott, and they told me they wouldnt even know when it would be out. The Abbott rep told me the DME would know before they would, but I was welcome to call back 1 time a week. Today, Abbott called me and asked me if my DME had contacted me. I told her they had but the Navigator was out of stock. She confirmed they were. The Abbott reps whom I have spoken to, have always been very nice.
I am though, very leary of getting the Abbott, because of all these problems.

I just got a call from a trainer who works from Dexcom. I will be getting a Dexcom Seven Plus this week and will be trained either Wednesday or Friday (WAHOO!). I think I’m going to be happier with the Dexcom… I found out about some of the features the Seven + has that will really help me and hopefully their new software will be approved by FDA and come out to the Seven + users in May (crossing fingers). I’m really amazed at the knowledge of the Dexcom trainer and Dexcom’s website and was highly amazed at how helpful and friendly they are. Try checking out the Dexcom Seven Plus (if you are already approved for the Abbott Navigator your insurance will most likely approve the Dexcom IMMEDIATELY like mine did and you’ll have a Seven + within a week and trained :slight_smile: )… Good Luck!

Hi…I am definitly going to go with the Dex then. I enjoy their website and think they do have a quality product

I found out some cool things about the Seven Plus I’m getting. I can charge the receiver (the beltclip item you see your numbers from) while the sensor (in skin) is hooked up. For example I can cook and charge my receiver. I found out that I can use my One Touch Ultra Link meter (I love Lifescan’s test strips better than Freestyle’s) and right now Medtronic has a promotion that if you are getting your test strip supply through them you get yet another freebie One Touch Ultra Link meter (in box with your test strips). I also found out the needle on the Dexcom sensor is much MUCH tinier than the Abbott Navigator (I’m sometimes a bleeder) and the Dexcom sensor/transmitter is much smaller than the Abbott Navigator so that my clothes won’t have such a funky fit underneath. Imagine those nicely fitting sweaters that can make a guy drool and having some big gadget protruding on the belly like an alien sticking out! (HA! HA!) (I wonder if that is why Kerri Sparling is so much for Dexcom - hopefully soon I’ll be looking as good as she does in nicely fitting sweaters… he! he! I’m losing the weight I put on from 3 pregnancies so close together but I’m getting there!). Oh! There is also a fun feature - exercise! And found out from the trainer that Dexcom is trying to get their new software approved by the FDA and hopefully come out in May (this month). The exercise and extra’s that the Seven Plus will be allowed on the software. Another thing is that Dexcom will send out the software to their Dexcom Seven Plus owners/users for free. I’ll be looking forward to seeing my trends from treadmill and I hope to see if I can put in something about whole wheat pasta (as It takes my system quite a while to digest and show up in my blood sugar levels - meaning I can go to bed with a perfect bg prior to bed and then in the middle of the night BOOM! I get a high).

Hopefully, you’ll have your Dexcom Seven Plus this week too! (My distributor mailed it out immediately after talking to him yesterday - what great speedy service!)

Good Luck!