Navigator CGM

Just called Abbott to find out about the Navigator and was told it is not available at this time. Anyone know what is going on? They told me I might want to try another supplier for a CGM. This does not sound good for Abbott.

Abbott’s current supply of sensors is fine. If you want a new CGM, there is currently a hold on manufacturing those as they work to correct an issue w/ the battery door (something about it holding static or creating static or something like that.
As such, there is unfortunately not a release date on when new transmitters/receivers will be sent out. In light of this, you have 2 options. 1) Wait on the hold to be lifted, and get the best (in my opinion :wink: CGM on the market. 2) Look at one of the other manufacturers (if I had to recommend a 2nd place, I’d pick Dex). But again, just my opinion.
Abbott is not out of the CGM market though, so I’m not worried.

This would be a new CGMS for me. Only on the omnipod but having been using Abbott for years. When I talked with them today, they couldn’t even give me ETA, There has been a lot of talk everywhere that they are getting killed by the Dexcom, which I am sure is excellent as well. I just like the idea of not having to keep the pdm on my body and having some sort of freedom, Hence the pod for a pump. Any advice?

Other people have had an awful experience with this Navigator problem, to the point that I just flat out won’t jump on their bandwagon (my trigger to switch from Minimed to Omnipod the crappy Lot8 recall issues). So I would not suggest Navigator. But more than that, the integrated Omnipod PDA/Dexcom receiver is in FDA review now ( or will be getting there shortly?) so I would suggest Dex for that reason alone.

I’ve been gearing up to get the navigator, and the rep in my area (used to work for my endo) told me they are on “hold” for a while b/c they are switching manufacturers. Bummer.

I think Abbott makes the most accurate meters on the market (including the Navi CGM), so I think you’ve picked a quality company as far as the products you’ve been using.
There is not currently an ETA to my knowledge, and the reps or customer service folks would obviously be able to tell you before me :slight_smile: That being said, it’s a tough call as to what I’d suggest that you do.
If it were me, and I had good control (but only wanted to get better control w/ a CGM), then I’d wait on the Navi. Especially if it was money out of my own pocket, as opposed to getting insurance to pay for it.
I like the Navi b/c it gives you minute by minute readings rather than one like the Dex, which takes the last 5 minutes and averages it, and then gives you a reading. That’s not to say that the Dex isn’t a quality product, because it is. I just think the Navi is better.
The Navi transmitter is bigger than the Dex, because the antenna it uses to transmit data is also bigger. Some folks on here who use (or have used) the Dex have discussed the transmission issues with losing signal in bed at night while the receiver is on the nightstand, etc. I have no first hand experience with the Dex, so I cannot speak to the validity of those statements. I have previously used the MM Real Time CGM w/ the Paradigm pump, whose transmitter is roughly the same size as the Dex, and yes, I did have transmission issues from one side of me to the other…and I am by no means ‘large’, in my opinion. I know that I can leave the receiver of the Navi in the living room of my house, go to the kitchen to make dinner, go to my room to get stuff, go the restroom, etc, and it will continue to receive info (and no, I don’t live in an efficiency apartment ;-). So to speak to your concern about not wanting to keep up w/ another box all the time (and wanting to have that ‘freedom’), in both cases the box can’t be super far away, but w/ the Dex, I think it needs to be closer than w/ the Navi. Again not having used Dex, I’m only going off of what people have said on this site.
Kimberly is right though, Insulet is currently in working on FDA approval of an integrated Dex aspect to the Omnipod. We all know the FDA approval process takes a while, so I would not expect to see any sort of integrated PDM before this time next year (but that’s just my speculation). An integrated device would add more convenience for you (one less box to carry, obviously) but if the transmitter size is not changed, you will likely have to carry the PDM on you more frequently than you do now so that you can get the data that’s being transmitted by the device.
If you want a CGM now, then I’d get the Dex. If you’d just like to have one at some point so that you can better adjust basals w/o having to stick your finger as often, then maybe wait on the Navi. Either way, they’re both quality machines, and both have pros/cons. Hope that helps.