How diabetes tells me it loves me on Valentine's Day

If you tilt your head to the right, pretend the 1 is bent in half, and use your imagination, it kinda looks a little like a heart. <3

But, hey,at least they match!

LOL! at the heart part!

Nice Scott LOL

Diabetes may <3 us, but alas, we do not <3 diabetes!!!

Nice of your meter to show you love! I'm still enjoying my Valentine's Day dark chocolate.

Hmm… if I were enjoying chocolate, that number would’ve been 331, not 133!

Ouch! I take one unit of Apidra for two Dove "dark chocolate promises"; wasn't paying a lot of attention to the consequences of Valentine's Day extra special dark chocolate that my husband brought home...

My CGM and meter rarely match. Recently, it’s been about 50 points off. I’m hoping a new sensor today will make a difference.