How did you guys prepare for your upcoming first pump session

It went well! Ill have a blog entry all abt it as so much has happened today and I’m sleepy to type it…I’m going with the inset 30 as I don’t see the needle…I’m on saline until 2/15 and on that day ill be on insulin…this week I’m writing the amouny of insulin I’m using for the day so we can fine tune my dosage…ill write more in a blog tomorrow…I’m poooped!!

We are all so happy that it went well. We look forward to reading your blog.

Yay!!! so happy for you!

oooo that makes since. I had one-on-one.

Glad it went well, Amy. I generally don’t read blogs, but I’ll make an exception for you. But do summarize it here as well. What percent of your TDD did they start you on. They started me on 80%. I still use that rate (.525) for part of my day but have lowered other parts to .425-.475. I’m still fine tuning dosages at a month in. I assume that I always will be fine-tuning, but hope to get to a stable rate and stay there for awhile. I think you will find it is more work than you anticipated, at least for the first couple months.

for the saline part I am doing .75. On Tuesday we will have a better idea what my basals and stuff will be. On the pump I gave myself the amt for last night’s dinner and this morning’s breafast as I calulated but in shot form I rounded up or down.

Overall I had trouble with the infusion set the most yesterday. But today I didn’t have any problems inserting it. It didn’t hurt as I thought it would be. I still have the two samples that I can try. I want to use them so I can get a feel for them. But overall, yesterday went well.

I had a 1 on 1 with the animas rep as the other girl that was there for the first 2 hours was on medtronics. So we weren’t in the same room for part 2.

Have you been programming your pump? The Set-up Advanced Screens? I set the Auto Off Feature and then after getting awakened early several mornings, ditched it. I:C ratios? ISF, BG Targets, Insulin Limits, Basal Settings. Your trainers sound a bit controlling, make sure they let you have input to your settings or at least understand why they are setting things certain ways. Go through the manual and see what can be set and at least do tentative settings. Remember there is nothing mysterious about the settings, but they are all things you have control over and can change to your liking. You don’t need to do it all at once, but do experiment with all the settings so you have some ideas what it all does.

we went through all of the screens so I know what they are…I’ve already set up the I:C ratio before hand and my target goal for my BG. we set what we did for this week and Tuesday we will change it if need be. I have been using the meter to get the saline out for what it needs. I will be playing with the settings a bit tomorrow. Right now I am just doing simple stuff. We even went through what you would need to do for the different basal rates. For right now we are only doing one to get me comfy with the settings.

Cool. I was afraid they were micro-managing you too much, but it sounds like you are going through things on your own. I started out with just one basal rate as well. Then after about a week I was able to see that it was too high for me because I was low a lot. So I lowered it a little bit. Then after another week I saw patterns where I was a little high at certain times of the day and a little low at others. It was amazing how clear the patterns were! Then I started making the separate rates for those times of the day. It worked well to do it like that.

It also helped me to return to the manual and go step by step through all the settings, because I couldn’t remember everything she had said in my training!

Sounds like you are off to a great start!

I have gone through the food database and eliminated a lot! A lot of the foods that were listed I actually do not eat. So I am currently adding mine in.Its a pain in my butt to do! I have to add the carbs,protiens, etc. oy! Then I can upload it. I hope to have it all done by Tuesday so I can be ready to go for insulin. I am glad i downloaded a lot of my fav place’s foods. I had one for the cheesecake factory and I dont know what I did with it. I need it as I eat there every other week with friends (its our hang out spot).

I think this is the longest we haven’t heard from you, Amy? Everything ok? Are you just absorbed in getting to know your new pump?

I’m enjoying it! I have updated the meter a bit more with food…I still have more to add…I have my fav foods I buy written down but the carbs and not the other info I need…next week ill be getting my infusion sets in…need to get my cabinet for it…ill do that when I return from my weekend with my boyfriend…sleeping hasn’t been bad either :-)…my cat doesn’t want anything to do with the tubing…he has figured out it is attached to me and isn’t coming off at all

So far so good…I’ve been keeping track of the humalog dosage for Tuesday…I had to reschedule the appt on the 23rd as that is my certification test date for the nursing assistant…ill be going in on the 24th for my follow up

Great! I’m glad things are going well!

Zoe I’m still learning and the rep is awesome…if I have a question that isn’t technical question she answered them…to my surprise I’m actually getting it right!!

Ill be away this weekend with no internet…my phone is hard to type sometimes.