How did you guys prepare for your upcoming first pump session

I have 2 more days then i’ll be hooked up on the pump with saline in it for a week. I am getting nervous and excited I want to prepare myself but wanted to ask you guys how did you prepare for your upcoming appt. My appt is 4 hours long. 2 of it is setting the pump up with my basal and temp settings, etc. The other 2 hours is with the Animas rep who will help me get hooked up, etc. Next week I’ll be starting on Insulin. I am hoping for a 2/14 appt hehe. Only because it will be a new love for taking care of myself and love the new way I’m taking control of my Diabetes. So any advice y’all can give to calm my jitters for the next two days would be awesome!

In my bag I have that manual, the workbook, my sample reservoirs, my sample infusion sets, my pump and my meter and of course I’ll have my wipes. I can’t believe in 2 days my life will change!

What I would do is whatever you do when you have a “big day” of any sort coming up. Relax, get plenty of sleep, do some fun things, eat well, keep your blood sugars in target as much as possible. If you haven’t thought much about how you handle stress, you might want to do so in the next couple days because in a way that is the most important thing you can do. I know you’re excited and happy to be starting the pump, but it is a lot of work in the beginning, and you might definitely have some “two step forward one step backs” as you negotiate the learning curve. For me, I am still on “stress management” a month in. I turned down an invitation to go to an all day conference next week because I need my time to myself. I do everything mentioned above, and in addition I spend time in nature if weather allows, or at least looking at it from inside if not! I cuddle my cat, watch movies, take bubble baths, do little indulgent things, talk about my experience with friends and fellow D’s. That’s my best advice, make a point of relaxing!

Thanks zoe :-)…I’m relaxed…just excited…tomorrow ill double check that I have everything…re-watch the dvd…I have a photoshoot tomorrow so that will be fun!!

Just ready to begin :slight_smile:

Amy just relax and have some fun. Drink some tea. Go rent some movies. Read a book. Take a long walk in the park weather permitting. Go play in the snow?

What kind of photo shoot do you have to do tomorrow?

Based on your responses in this group I think you’re already very prepared. I agree with the others. Enjoy yourself.

Oh yeah, and I would suggest you figure out how you plan on sleeping the first night. My pumper had told me to just put the pump under a pillow and it would be fine. When I got my pump on I practiced that and the way I turn over so much I was soon wrapped in tubing; I didn’t like it at all. I got up out of bed and put a post on here and of course someone (Marti) came on soon thereafter and suggested wearing underpants (I hate sleeping in clothes) and hooking it to the back as I sleep mostly on my stomach. She reassured me if I did turn over onto it it would be fine. That worked fine, though I have now got my spibelt and I like that better. So that’s one thing I’d suggest deciding on so you don’t jump out of bed and get online in the middle of the night like I did. LOL. It helps to already be hooked up so you can practice, cause the idea of leaving it under the pillow sounded fine in theory.

I nwished I was hooked up or had a dummy infusion set (w/o the cannul but just tapw) so I can practice wearing it to bed…maybe I should suggest it!

I do plan on getting the tally gear…my issue is I sleep on my side and stomach…so I gotta figure the best way to sleep…plus I stay at my boyfrienfs house and he stays at mine…we both have a twin and both of us can fit on it perfectly…oy…so much to learn the first few days

I know…I just like getting ideas abt how others prepared for their big day…Tuesday will be an intesting day by far!!!

I’m relaxed :-)…just too excited!! Good thing its a superbowl night (not a fan of either team) and I get to see my niece for the first time…so ill have a bit of distraction to me :slight_smile:

I sleep on my side and stomach too so I usually swing it around onto my back. Sometime it ends up on a side just behind my hip and that works fine too even when I’m on my side. The tallybelt is huge!

Hmmm…I just need to figure something out…I wake up when something is blocking me and disturbs my sleep

Yeah, me too, that’s why I picked the thing that disturbs me the least. For yo it might be different.

I did not prepare. It was fine, but not advisable. I kinda fast-forward the video 20 mins before. My appt was 2 hrs but we only took about 1.5 hours. I still don’t know what you can talk about for four hours. I also only used saline for a day and my endo immediately put me on insulin. Again it turned out okay but maybe not advisable.

I sleep on my stomach/side so I keep my pump clipped to my pj pants on the side of my hip. I haven’t had issues with it yet.

You sound very ready! I am so excited for you!

2 hours is figuring out the basal rate, etc. I presume I am in a class with others hence the 2 hour time frame. The other 2 hours is with the animas who is awesome! With her, I’ll be getting the reservoir set up, prime it, etc. then set the infusion set in. I’m nervous about that part!

I know having the pump under my will disturb me. Sometimes my hands blocks me from getting sleep…So it will be interesting.

So, Amy??? How did it go?

Zoe and I want to know how it went…
Start talking <<GRIN>>

I second (or third) this request for information… lol I hope it went great. I’m pretty sure you’re worn out from the excitement and amount of information that was thrown at you.

4th. Waiting to hear from Amy…who is finally pumping even if it is with saline.

I’m gonna have to write a blog entry abt it as its too much to type here…ill do it tomorrow when I’m more awake :slight_smile: