What's the lowest you've been?

Me: during counselor in training @ Bearskin Meadows Camp in CA, we were out camping a couple days before family camp started and had just got everything setup at camp. Got food ready and checked my bs, 14, I had no idea the meters could even read that low, I double checked and it came up as “too low” or something or other. The 2 counselors with us were both EXTREMELY shocked, as one had passed out at 30 or so before.

The weird thing was that I didn’t even feel that low, I felt like I might have been 80, but NOT 14.

Like Judith, Im also a T2. The lowest I have had been so far (diabetic for 2 years) is 50. My body is so used to 90 to 140 that when I went that low…I really felt it. The classic signs of shaking, dizziness, hunger and confusion. Now whenever I go lower that 70…I kinda know the feeling already (even without testing yet), test and make necessary corrections.

My lowest so far is 31. Wow, 14! Sometimes I feel perfectly fine in the 40’s & 50’s, other times it’s the usual awful feelings of being foggy, tingling lips, unable to think or talk normally & hunger. Wish I knew why sometimes it effects me more intensely.

My lowest was 32…had to crawl to the refridge. Regular Pepsi and the phone in the other hand!! Hate lows, feel like I am going to have a heart attack and cant walk or chew or talk. That time I saw black and silver stars!! Oh…maybe that was a flashback LOL

Type 1 here the lowest I’ve been so far was 43, but it’s only been about 16 months since my dx.

I have been as low as 38 in the hospital. No shaking, no sweats. Just a headache and HUNGRY. Maybe a little blurred vision.

Lowest was 20 something. Woke up to a EMT’s. The low came while I was sleeping and what my husband describes as the actor Blair? something from the Exodus. Combative with the EMT’s. That was not me, it was the low.

  1. Felt like crap all day after!

My lowest so far came after DX while I was in the hospital-- it dropped to 45. Since I probably hadn’t been below 250 for months, my body wasn’t prepared and I start pouring sweat and my heart kept palpitating. Really quite a terrible experience… now when I get low it doesn’t hit me as bad as it did that first time, I think because my body is more accustomed to lower levels.

Well, there was this time in Tijuana . . . oh, not that kind of low!

I’ve been as low as 40. I don’ think I’ve ever gone below that. Usually I can tell, but I’ve been surprised by a low on occassion.


Recently, I was so low that it didn’t register (like many others here). My meter just read LOW.

My lowest ever was 19. Had a sudden flash of light like a huge neon white blob so bright I couldn’t see around it. I thought a light bulb had blown out. Otherwise I didn’t feel weird or shaky. When I checked my bs, I thought the meter was wrong, then I got another bolt of light, checked it again (it was 21) and drank some juice. Sometimes doctors don’t believe me or think I’m exaggerating. I’ve only passed out once; can’t imagine how low it must’ve been that time!

Sometimes I get symptoms of high or low before my bs actually gets there. But it’s b/c it’s headed in that direction, usually fast. Unfortunately, the meter just gives us a “snapshot,” not an indication of whether that single number is stable, going up, or going down. (Just think how helpful THAT would be!)

In high school I once got a reading of 0.6 mmol/L, which is 11 mg/dl. I checked the meter manual (many years later, it was a Dex at the time) and found that it actually does read that low. At the time I definitely felt low but I wasn’t having a seizure or anything! I think the meter may have been off, though, because I find it hard to believe I could be that low and still walking and talking and conscious. As a kid and into adolescence I had hypoglycemia unawareness, however, and could have very low readings without feeling off at all. Thankfully, that’s gone away with newer insulins and the switch to better regimens as I got older.

Other than that the lowest I’ve had is 1.2 mmol/L, which is about 21 mg/dl. For this one I felt perfectly fine, though my mom freaked out. I’m also pretty sure I’ve gotten a couple of “LO” readings, or too low for the meter to read (usually below 1.0 mmol/L, 20 mg/dl). I also had several severe lows as a kid where I was semiconscious and people did not bother checking my blood sugar before giving me something, so who knows how low I was those times.

lol yeah my code is 105 and sometimes usually try to match my bs up with that

the lowest i’ve ever been was 25. during which i felt fine, was at the park playing baseball with my friends and i went to go run the bases and skipped that and ran straight to my kit. i didnt start to feel shaky or dizzy until i sat down to check. luckily we were having a picnic that day so there was an emergency coke and snack for me to eat and drink because my glucose tabs weren’t working.

Wow yeah, exercise drops my blood sugar scary fast sometimes. Yesterday I went running (for about 15 minutes) with a 210 blood sugar-- 30 minutes after the intial test, I had dropped to 65. Hadn’t given myself insulin for several hours either, it was primarily exercise.

My lowest was 31 mg/dl. I get regularly to 50…
The experience of a low feels sometimes totally different than I use to feel.
Last time I had like tunnel vission… could only see the things where I was looking at… all the things besides, left or right, were not visible anymore… it was really weird. This dissapeared when my BS were back to normal.
The symptons are not always the same… however, there are some common symptons (headache, tinteling lips, hunger, bad vision, etc…) which are usually present…

Hi Robyn.Your flashback comment gave me a good chuckle.Take care and have a great day.Bob

Tunnel vision now that sucks! Oh and I’ve gotten down at one time or another to 19 . ER fast I have lost all my senciability to lows so I started seizing something I’ve done a few times and always wound up there!