How do you bolus for pizza?

I always have trouble when doing a bolus to cover pizza! The dough size varies, I mean at some restaurants they are thicker, in others they are thinner, so sounds I gotta use my common sense, but sometimes doesn’t work out so well. Other thing is the grease… I don’t know how to handle that. Fat has no carbs, but still affects my sugar though. Any tips? Thanks!

I think part of the difficulty with a food like pizza can be that your response is highly individualistic and variable. I will tell you my tip, I don’t eat the crust, I just eat the toppings. My friends all find my behavior disgusting, so instead, to sooth my pizza cravings, I developed my own home recipe that gives me all the good stuff with the toppings and none of the complications of carby crust, instead it uses a “meat” crust. The advantage, you have a much more modest bolus, basically just for protein.

Brian’s Evil Crustless Pizza(also called Brian’s Pizza Pie Pie)
1 lb ground sausage
1 lb italian sausage (hot if desired)
1/2 lb sliced pepperoni
italian seasoning
1 1/2 spaghetti sauce
1 lb mozarella cheese

Mash the ground sausage into the bottom of a 12" fry pan in an even layer and brown throughly on both sides. I use a small cup to roll out the sausage into a smooth even layer. That is the crust. Brown the sausage crust on both sides and remove and place in bottom of pie container. Slice italian sausage into thin rounds and brown thoroughly in fry pan, drain and blot out remaining fat on paper towels. In a bowl mix browned sausage, pepperon, sauce, seasoning and half the cheese and pour into pie. Cook in 350 deg oven for fifteen minutes covered in foil. Then uncover sprinkle on remainder on cheese, and cook for another fifteen minutes. If you like more crusty cheese, you can turn up the oven to 400 deg for the last part of the cooking.

Nutrition: (Don’t read this) Totals (remember it makes more than 8 servings) 5500 calories, 450g fat, 350g protein and 35g carbs.

This is filling. I’ve never been able to eat more than half of it at a sitting.

You are on a pump, yes? I have the medtronic and I use the dual wave bolus and usually give it 3-4 hours to finish. I give 35%-40% of the insulin at the time of the meal and the rest over the next few hours. The more pizza you eat, the more difficult it becomes to control in my experience. I usually keep it to 2 pieces.

I count 1 piece of pizza is to be about 30 carbs.Even the ones without crust.I don’t normally eat the crust.Empty carbs.2 hours after if my pump says I have enough IOB I do the correction anyway.Then I usually do a temp basal of about 50% for 4 hours.It keep me from going too high.You have to check alot while trying this out.The reason that a high fat food raises your blood sugar several hours later is because the fat in the food doesn’t get absorbed till after a few hours.I hope this helps.