How do you carry your meter, glucose, pump, cell, etc. during a race?

I’ve gotten pretty creative with stowing things various places… mostly buying support tanks and sport bras with pockets and stuffing them… for my last 10K, I didn’t have room for my bottle of test strips, so I had to wrap some in a sandwich baggie (to keep them from getting wet with sweat) and stuff it in a pocket.
Where do you put everything you need during a race? Has anyone tried the spi belt (or a similar item)?

Hi Katie, I have several fanny packs, of varying sizes and numbers of pockets, depending on how far I am running. My favorite is made by Outdoor Products–it has a pouch for a water bottle, a large zipper poclet that holds my meter, test strips, lancet, a small bottle of sugar, and about four fig bars. This same pocket has a smaller outside pocket with its own zipper—perfect size for insulin and syringe. And there is a third, removable pocket, which I seldom use. This arrangement has gotten me through three marathons in the last five months, and long training runs as well. It is fairly stable—there is a bit of bounce to it when fully loaded, but I’ve found that if I wear it with the weight on my hip rather than in back, the bounce is not too bad. Of course, it gets lighter the farther you go. Of course, your needs may be different—I realize most of us use pumps, and a lot use CGM—but I don’t, Hope this helps, and good luck to you. Howard.

I haven’t been racing much since i was diagnosed, but during my runs, I found that I would rather just carry a case with everything (including glucagon injection).

Here’s a photo, near the end of the 5k, I threw the case off to my husband :slight_smile:

I have a Spibelt and love it. Here are some pics and a write up on how I use it…

Hello Katie,

I am new to this site but very excited to be a part of it. Try the “Race Ready” Brand of running shorts. All kinds of pockets. Some open and some can be velcroed shut. These are the best! I am running my 15th marathon in Vegas this weekend and have had awesome success with these shorts. Best wishes to you! I look forward to sharing with everyone! Kurt

I don’t. I run in the mornings and don’t eat or take insulin before my run.
I carry a date in-case I feel low.
I hate carrying things when I run so all I take with me is an Ipod, a date or 2, and on long runs a few gels.

I ran my first marathon this weekend, and have run two other halves. For all three I have run with my race ready shorts, and my amphipod waist belt thing. I put my CGM in my left velcro pocket of the shorts and I used the back pockets of the shorts for pop tarts, glucotabs, pretzels or whatever. I tend to get nausious when I run and aparently not everyone gets that way, thus all the extra food. If you wear the shorts…don’t forget to tie them tight, the snacks can sometimes make then a bit saggy!

Thanks for the reply! I have seen those race ready shorts in Runners World and thought about trying them. My worry with wearing them in a distance race would be getting blisters or chafed areas or whatever if the pockets are full. I have body stuff to put on skin, so I would try that, I guess. Is that how you handle it?
I wore the SPI belt for my last half, and it worked well, but sweat got on my strips and they were too wet to use by the time I was half-way through. :frowning: I had put them in a sandwich baggie but that didn’t work too well, I guess.
Congrats on the marathon!!!

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally figured out a way to avoid the chaffing issues. I use plenty O vaseline(I’ve also used “BodyGlyde”) on the affected areas, then I wear some running “spandex” type shorts under my shorts. Works fantastic. Of course I’ve been doing that for the last six months and things may change with summer weather. Good Luck, let me know how it goes!

I don’t know how many strips you use, but I did see a post one time from someone who stores extra strips in the battery compartment of their meter. It has worked for me before. I also like the amphipod packs that clip on to my shorts, but I am not a marathoner.

Tallygear Tummitotes! “it makes diabetic running dreams come true.” quoted by me. haha.
seriously, they are the bomb.

I carry my meter pieces, two GU gels, an emergency glucose gel and tissues, sometimes phone but only if I’m out alone for a long time because it tends to weigh it down a lot. Then I clip my pump to the outside of the belt. Donna (who owns the company) will make you whatever you ask. I asked for a belt that wasn’t so slippery and I’ve used it at all my races.