Jogging and your medical supplies

the weather is kind of getting nicer around here and i would like to start jogging out to the gym instead of driving.

usually when i go to the gym, i bring: 1.) of course, my meter 2.) my glucagon kit 3.) crackers 4.) a sports drink 5.) and my insulin pen, just in case

minus the sports drink i can fit all of the above in a fanny pack :slight_smile:
i havent actually worn it while jogging. but my friend says i shouldnt anyway because id look like a geek.

i was just curious on how everyone keeps their supplies together and which ones you have on you when you decide to exercise…!

I run usually about 5-7 miles at a time. I use a fanny pack, but instead of putting it around my waist where it’s bound to move around a lot (and since I know that fanny packs will never be in style again), I wear it like a sling backpack. I’m on the pump so it’s a little different, but here is what I pack (and know that it fits):

OneTouch Ultramini or whatever it is with strips and lancing device
2 or more instaglucose gels (24 g of carb per tube so it’s lots of sugar in small packages)
Cell Phone
Driver’s License as ID and Emergency Medical Alert Card
A few dollars
Gum and Chapstick (Two things I can’t live without while exercising)

And of course on my body, I wear my insulin pump, medical ID bracelet, and mp3 player.

I suggest looking into different types of sugar to carry instead of a sports drink or perhaps look into the camelpaks that are so popular. Hope this helps!


I carry pretty much the same things as Lindsay.

The Spibelt is excellent for carrying a meter, a pen and/or some carbs. I strap my One Touch Mini to it. It’s snug and doesn’t flop around like a fanny pack will. Wear it under you singlet instead of on top and you won’t look like a nerd.

The One Touch Mini is great for use while exercising. The case will also hold your ID and a few bucks.

I carry my drink on a belt I bought at a running store. There’s a wide variety available. You can substitute a sports drink for water and skip carrying carbs. I dilute mine 50/50.

If you’re carrying an iPod or mp3 player, use an arm strap or the SpiBelt. Personally, I don’t bring music with me when I run outdoors, it ruins the experience for me. I use the armband when I run on a treadmill because I would die of boredom otherwise.

Good running,


When I walk/run or use the treadmills, I carry with me:

  1. 1 gel pack
  2. True2Go Fitness Meter
  3. 1 Humalog Pen
  4. My updated Medical Information (Update and download wallet-size free on PC)
  5. My Diabetes Necklace
  6. Water
  7. And it all fits in my Runner’s Fanny Pack (which is designed for runners to not jiggle or move while running)

I guess i’m a geek cause I use a fanny pack sometimes :slight_smile:

But it actually annoys me when it bounces around-- so I started just carrying a Dia-Pak with all the supplies. It’s big enough to fit a glucagon it in. I used to just carry my meter case in my hand, but I don’t like the idea of not having a glucagon nearby.

I got used to holding the case while running pretty easily. And I convinced myself that the extra weight is building my arm muscles. :wink:

I might consider in investing in a fanny pack like the one that Jeff mentioned! I was just using a normal (geeky) one before.

Happy running!!

I like the sling idea. I’m a bit too rotund to wear anything around my waist. I’m just starting to take up running. I’ve been using my treadmill at home but now would like to go outside but have been wondering how to carry meter, water, iPhone, etc.

When training I carry a glucose meter (One touch mini) , lancele (Multiclix), test strips (in an empty chapstick vile), in a small Ifitness belt, I purchased a racelite pouch from amphoid and slid it on the belt for my meter and supplies.(I also keep 1 sryinge to excract from my pump if need be) I fill a 6oz gel flask also from amphoid and slid it on the belt also.(I use hammer gel for this) I like the flask, every 20 min i take a sip and my gu holds up well. this is all small and no bulke or bounce to deal with. oh yea and always 1 $20.00 dollar bill also goes in the belt. Nothing I hate more than carrying things while training but we all know how it goes. you can barely see the belt but I know if for some reason I don’t make it home for 8 hours I am prepared and worry free. When i go on longer training i carry a 20oz handheld bottle filled with G2 also by amphoid.

Thanks for the information! I’ve been specifically trying to find a running belt that would hold exactly what you describe. I’ve been told there are different sizes of Spibelt, though; may I ask which model you have?

Thanks again!

I just got a spibelt based on similar recommendations from this site. I was also concerned about the size, but just ordered the regular one (I think it’s $20). What I didn’t realize is is stretches! Therefore it fits just a few things (cgm and glucose tabs) or EVERYTHING! (please note, when carrying a few things, it doesn’t bounce. But it bounces a ton when carrying a heavy burden!)


I have a couple models but my favorite is the double pouch.


I love my spibelt! Doesn’t move much and its stretchy enough to fit lots of stuff. I wear it under my top layer when i run so its not as dorky. In the summer, I just put it low on my hips and be a dork. I usually have my ultramini w/ a few test strips rubber banded to it, a lancet, some glucose tabs, some cash, my bus pass (incase I’m getting too low to walk) and my medical id.

Terry, I find the treadmill or elliptical very boring as well. I don’t know if you are a reader, but I found that I can magnify the font size on an e-reader and read while I run. I love it more than an ipod!

I just took a look at that spibelt not knowing what it was, looks pretty cool and I need a new pack for my mp3 player. I was going to recommend a camelbak as they hold EVERYTHING you would ever want to take and you need to carry water anyway. Might want to take a look at there site, they have a ton of different products to choose from as well.

Ugh, I so feel your pain. I love to run (I like to do 5-8 miles at a time) and carrying around all this gear is just dragging me down. It’s a little easier during the winter months because I generally wear a jacket that has lots of pockets so that I can stash all my stuff. Now that it’s getting warmer out, I have been wearing a light-weight running vest that has a couple of pockets.

I do not carry my meter with me when I run. I know, I know, but I generally only go low while running and I am pretty adept at figuring out how to correct. So, I am wearing my pump (clipped into my bra or shorts) and in my pockets I carry some Gu and gluco tabs. In addition, I always keep a few dollars with me and wear a medical ID bracelet that has emergency contact info on it. I also hold my iPhone in my hand or stash it in my pocket so that I can listen to music AND have a way to call someone if I go really low.