How do you conceal your pump?

Or should I say, where do you put it? I, for one, have broken about 3 of those clips to attach it to my pants, so I started putting it in my pocket. When I have no pockets? I use this little contraption I found sitting around the house. :slight_smile:

How do you guys manage?

When I was wearing the pump all the time, I used the pump clip. When it broke I definitely just stuffed it in my pant pocket. In my bra also worked pretty effectively for awhile, though it’s not very comfortable unless it’s attached using a clip. Obviously not something guys can do, but it might work for the ladies. :smiley:

Yes, I have broken 3 of those clips too. Now I have a sport case for my insulin pump. I love it and I’m hard on it, hasn’t broken yet… I found it in the medtronic Diabetes Management Supplies Catalog pg. 10. It’s worth the money though…

My son wears his in pockets sewn into the waistband of his pants. You can’t even see it.

Olivia uses a clip or sticks it in her pocket. Very dull. :smiley:

I have a Minimed pump and I use the smaller clip that came with it. I’ve heard that they’re pretty fragile but mine is still going strong 2+ years later. I have whacked it into walls and furniture a bunch, too! I usually clip it to the front pocket of my jeans, on the outside. If the pants/pockets are loose enough I’ll clip it with the pump inside the pocket.

I’ve used a pump for 15 years. I don’t like fiddling with any more “contraptions”, so I usually put my pump in a baby sock (the cuff-less kind) with a tiny safety pin on the edge. I pin this to the front of my underwear if I’m wearing a dress or skirt. I don’t like wearing the holder on my pants waistband, but I do, sometimes.
My pants pockets usually work well for placing the pump, too. I’ve tried putting the pump in the front of my bra, but it keeps falling out (sigh). So, pockets and holders for me.

I’d like to extand the question if I may. I’ve just started on the pump and for me, the big fan of the turn and toss rutine, the biggest question is where do I put my pump at night? What do you guys do? What is your safe and comfortable solution for the bed time?

Since nothing else worked for me (clipping it to pants, letting it roam free, etc.), I got the pump pants and pump shorts from The place the pump sits was better for me.

How are you guys breaking the clips? Just curious. I’ve never had it happen with mine before.

Since I’m the only one who can’t wear it in a pocket (it’s like there isn’t room, or it bulges all my clothing out like I have some kind of alien growth), I clip it to my waist usually. If I wear a longer shirt, I put it in a cell phone purse and hang that from my waist. If I wear a dress, I put it in bike shorts on my leg or clip it to trouser socks (someone who didn’t know what they are once said, “socks?! with a dress?!”).

I wear my pump pretty far back on my right or left side. Kinda out of the way but accesible. Too bad the OEM’s never asked how a pump should look or truly function.


My little pumpy stays nestled right between my boobies in my bra!

I can’t stand the fact that my pump is visable. I am a woman and wearing a dress or shorts it really sucks. I too have broken the clips 4 or 5 times. I wish there was something else out there.


I buy as many cargo pants as possible so, as long as I’m not going to work, I can hide it there and it doesn’t get in the way (cut a hole in the leg and run the tubing up your leg). I don’t mind the pump in my bra (very hidden) but I hate audio-bolusing in my boobs. i also do the babysock and pin for lounge wear at home; I’ll have to try and see if pinning it to the inside of clothing is hidden enough.

As for sleeping, I get pants with pockets or, again, pin the babysock.

To me (of course, this is a “guys’” answer), the option is to wear the pump in the (not so) little contraption or inside the pocket of my boxer/pajama. For a lady, I’d assume on the underwear? Let me not assume… why don’t I let a lady answer that one? :slight_smile:

While sitting down. It’s like this thing that’s a little outside one’s perimeter. So imagine you’re sitting down, like really close to the chair’s arm… BAM! There it goes: the arm pushes the pump up, while the clip remains in place. SNAP! One more clip gone! Makes sense?

I’ve broken several, though maybe it’s just general wear & tear. A clip usually lasts me about a year.

why conceal it?!?!?!

i wear mine publicly and proudly…

although, at a recent frisbee game, people who didn’t know me and that i’m diabetic definitely misunderstood me because of the pump:
“hey, you’re wearing your phone while we play? that’s commitment to work!!!”
“hey, orange shirt, you forgot to take off your mp3 player!”

the belt clips are annoying sometimes, especially when i’m running or playing frisbee - it sucks having to change a site because the pump fell off and jerked the set around.

Lili and Manny, thank you for your replies.
I’m on my way to the right now :slight_smile:
Underwear would work and actually was my obvious choice if only the lady’s type wasn’t so thin that it doesn’t really hold the heaviness of the pump (too much info?). May be I should borrow a pair from my boyfriend?

I can so relate to that. I’m a quite fancy slash perfectionist dresser, having a pump definitely going to cause some troubles. And besides, blue? what was I thinking?
I don’t mind wearing it on my jeans but when I’m at work and in a dress or a skirt suit I’d like to hide it but then the whole issue of a bulky part on my outfit appears. If only the pump was flat.
Look at me, only 3 days of pumping and I’m already complaining about fashion :slight_smile: