How do you wear an insulin pump with fitted, fashionable clothing?!

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I’ve had diabetes 21+ years and have been pumping for the past 7 but I still have not figured out how to wear my insulin pump with fitted clothing. I live in NYC and work on Madison Avenue. It’s a fast-paced environment and I like to have my pump secured to my body as tightly as possible. That being said, I’ve found it difficult to find a good place for the pump when wearing a skirt or dress. In colder weather, I’ll cocoon the sucker in my tights, but now that it’s warm I’m in my usual conundrum of what to do. I have a black holster that Minimed sent me but it constantly falls off my legs. Does anyone know of any type of special pocket, etc that can be sewn inside of dresses or slim-fitted skirts?

I want to believe pumping and fashion are possible…anyone have any ideas???


I wear it clipped to the front of my bra, the space in between the cups. I wear tight clothing all the time and it’s totally concealed.

Wear a matching one on the other side of your body so it looks like it’s part of the outfit?

Yeah, I got nothin’. Fashion is not my forte. :frowning:

I would suggest the bra. Works especially well if you are “gifted” like I am. A friend of mine sewed two bands of elastic and wears it around her leg like a garter. She said using two makes it more secure… one at the top of the pump, one at the bottom. I would imagine if you sewed a pocket into your dress or skirt, it may make the material fall differently thus ruining the line, but it would depend on the material and the weight of your pump. If you are wearing a slim fitted skirt but a more flow-ie top, you could clip the pump to your waistband. If you were going to sew a pocket into your outfits, I’d suggest you do it near the waistband or near some part of the piece where there is structuring. Not that I think the weight of the pump is too much, but again, it may pull or weigh down the material if you put it too low. I don’t know if that helps. You could also “belt” it using a length of elastic around your waist. That way if you had a loose dress you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Sometimes having the pump in your bra is not the most comfortable thing when it’s 90. :slight_smile:

Like shoulder pads!

I have a MM 522 pump, and I am not gifted in the “upstairs department” at all. But thanks to Victoria’s Secret, and even Walmart padded bras, I can usually place my pump in one padded bra cup, and no one knows it is there. On hot days, I get a little baby sock , slip in the pump, and pin it to the inside of the cup .
I have never been able to wear those pump garters, as I have big thighs and calves and they would fit like a tourniquet. Never had a problem if I use the padding in a bra. I . Some people have said to put a pump inside a Spanx or such a garment when you have on a sundress, strpless number, or a maxi dress…but I haven not tried that…Seems like you would see the “box” outline if the fabric was knit or clingy.

If I am wearing business attire ( Pant suit, or skirt set and jacket, I just clip it to the waist band or the belt loop. Most people do not pay any attention to it at all. I read about a young woman who had devised a little strtech sports purse that has some type of acronym name,( I will have to research it to get the forgotten name), that fits tight to the body, for carrying keys, electronic gear, pumps. I will do some research and post the link.
Do you use the regular pump clip or that “revolve around the world” number? I found the one the that turns around is too bulky and heavy for daily use, and it breaks relatively quickly from nomal use.

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I made a pocket, or you can buy one, for my pump and hide it in my bra.

Great question and I have not found the answer either.

I use my bra too. Most of the time I don’t use a clip and just slide it under the elastic between the cups. Comfortable and easy to access. I am not particularly “blessed” and I find that my pump has some enhancement qualities : )

I recall an interview with Nicole Johnson (Miss America 1999) in which she said that she will either wear her pump in her bra, or in a Thigh Thing. (That being said, as a male, i’ve never found the need to hide my pump. slip it into a pocket or clip to waistband, and nobody notices)

There is a lady has fashionable looking “cover ups” and different accessories for pumps. Have you heard of
I think her name is Rickina and I know she is on this site. If you go to the groups and look for diabetic entrepreneurbetics (something like that) she is on the front page. If you are interested I can look for it if you can find it.

When I wear my pump in my bra I’ve found it to be most comfortable to wear it in my bra on the side not the cups or front. I just put the pump in a baby sock so it’s comfortable against my skin. It’s also the most hidden there.

I’ve never had much luck with thigh pouches as they tend to fall down.

I’ve never tried these but pumpwearinc pump bands look interesting. It looks like it would secure the pump snugly against your abdomen or leg and would be low profile.



Yes ,that is the name!!! THanks!!!

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Clip it to your bra!! I have had the pump for 6 years and haven’t put it anywhere else on my body. Obviously you can’t wear low cut shirts with it clipped to your bra but then you can just move it. I have a small cup size and still it isn’t noticable. Sure I know it is there, but I have never had anyone else noticed it without me pointing it out.

Thank you for this response Brunetta! In the past I clipped the pump to my bra and it didn’t turn out so well for me…but I would love to try the “Spibelt” as you mention. I also decided to purchase some Spanx yesterday so maybe those will work? Although I worry the pump outline will still show! When I clip the pump, I use the one Minimed sends with the 722…It’s a regular gray clip and is kind of bulky.

Thanks Devon. Embarrassingly, I had the pump clipped to my bra once and it fell out during an important meeting. Ooops! Since then I’ve been scared to clip it there…also, you are right, when it’s hot, that thing gets so sweaty!!!

I am going to check out the “Thigh Thing.” Thanks Geoffrey!

I will definitely check out Rickina’s stuff…Stickmedesigns is a funny name.

When I used the 522, I found my bra to be the most convenient place. I could wear dresses that had pockets - just poked a hole in the pocket and fed the tube through. However, I never figured out how to wear lots of the dresses and skirts I already owned. Now I pump with Omnipod and I have absolutely no issues with my clothes anymore. It’s fantastic to be able to wear all of my dresses and skirts again, with no digging up or down clothing to get the pump.