To hide or not to hide?

Just curious, I’ve had alot of people mention my pump and tubing to me as I wear it usually on my jeans pocket, usually, saying something about oh, you brought your ipod to work, school, or whatever. I tend to wear tighter clothes around my midsection and so clipping it to my waistband isn’t an option. I’m very open about my diabetes and will test in public and all, but I’m starting to feel a little self-aware I guess. So I guess, do you hide your pump or let it all hang out?


LOL, I hear what you are saying… The only time I really worry about tubing and such is when it might get caught on something…

Honestly, I find most folks are just curious and if you are willing to talk about it, they are willing to listen and learn a little.

The other folks? Well, they never made it past the 3rd grade


So, you have to go through the whole rewind/prime sequence everyday?

My pump is very visible ( sp ??) , usually on my slacks/jeans waist band …the tubing tucked in for safety . Everyone, ( I am exagerating , ha, ha :wink: in my community …should say " a lot of people " know me here …actually one chap I met the other day , do not recall meeting him previously , noticed my pump and he was not at all surprised about the gadget .Hopefully someone else inducted him .

I usually just tuck in the tubing and leave the pump clipped to my jeans pocket. Nobody really asks or cares too much about it, and if they do ask, it’s an easy enough thing to explain.

When I first got it, I would actually put the pump inside my jeans pocket, but found that it’s just too much of a pain fishing it out every time I want to check something. Using CGM (MM integrated with pump) sort of forced the transition to wearing it openly since I want it at convenient arms length to look at it as quickly as possible. My convenience won out against all other factors. So now I do what’s most comfortable for me.

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At least you don’t create fear in some people, as I understand a pumper who also had a cell phone on his beldt did some years ago where he lived in Miami. Problem was that people there had the feeling that those who had cellphones tended to be drug dealers, and since he seemed to be wearing TWO cell phones he was somebody they REALLY didn’t want to mess around with!

Personally, I don’t care if anyone see the pump. It’s something I have to live with and it doesn’t bother me if anyone sees it. If anyone asks about it (or my "MP3) player, I’ll tell them what it is. If I’m in a bit of a funny mood, I’ll tell them it’s an implanted cell phone/MP3 player.

Recently I took a trip to The Bahamas, and wore nothing but swimming shorts most of the time, and I just clipped it on. I actually didn’t get asked once the entire trip about the pump (something I was quite surprised about).

I usually tuck the tubing in, but I don’t make any effort to hide the pump. It’s much easier these days because people are so use to seeing others with gadgets like phones and MP3 players, that most people won’t even think twice.

i don’t disclose my diabetes to any one (it’s been that way for 50 years) and rarely get asked about my pump. i wear it on my waist with the tubing pulled tight and along the back.
but … once a guy asked what it was and i said a medical device,'' hoping he'd move along. he didn't. kept asking questions i wasn't interested in answering so i told him,it supplies my methadone.’’ he looked a bit uneasy and walked away.

I used to hide mine. I am a pretty private person (when in “real” life and not online) and I dont like a lot of people in my… stuff. I used to get comments about my pump when I wore it on the INSIDE of my waistband on my pants- only the clip was showing on the outside. I started wearing it clipped to the middle of my bra (pump face against my skin) and no one knew or saw it ever again.

I had never seen or even thought of Danny’s idea of cutting a small hole in my pockets for the tubing to fit through. What a great idea.

I let it hang out but some people definitely mention it (I’ve gotten a couple of “What is that, an old fashioned pager?” responses), and when I tell them what it is, most let it drop, and a few want to know more.


I’m concerned about reminding my employer about how “expensive” I am, too, but try to keep my mind focused on the great public service I’m doing by being open about it.

OTOH, it’s a good thing my office isn’t where the bean counters are. :wink:


I used to hide my OmniPod pods by wearing them on my stomach. Now they’re on my arms for all to see in the summer – and also during massages, at the pool, in a whirlpool, etc. These days I often forget that I’m wearing it!

Psssh. I let mine show. I don’t like to hide the fact i have diabetes. My mom is always offering to put my tubing in my back pocket to hide it (i usually have it in the back) so i usually have the pump itself in my back pocket. I love to show it off. im not ashamed or anything. :smiley: People like to look and give me funny looks but i really don’t care. its a life saving device and i want to live. so Yeah. I NEVER hide it. (unless im in a formal dress lol)

I have worn mine on my belt now for ten years, along with my cell phone, and really I don’t recall anyone ever questioning it. The only time, and it’s been a few years is when I fly, but they seem to know what it is these days.

I let it all hang out, and use it as an excuse to educate :slight_smile: You never know how helpful you might be to someone else…I’ve been doing this for 13 yrs now…

I wore my pump on the outside every day until the last month or so when I have been tucking it in my pocket when I have the opportunity. I am sick of people mockingly asking me if it’s a pager, or just assuming it’s a pager. After people ask me if it is a pager they usually walk away with their foot in their mouths. I’m sure I will go back to wearing it out at some point I’m just a little tired of it showing at the moment.

I conceal my pump most of the time. I like to go about my business, and don’t really want to explain it, and if it’s visible I spend a lot of time explaining it to people who ask questions. I am, however, quite open about having diabetes. But in yoga class, with nothing really to cover it (spandex just doesn’t cover up well), it’s quite visible. I have had some people just curious, but I have had some really weird responses that made me WISH it were concealed. Like the time a yoga teacher started yelling at me in the middle of class about why couldn’t I take it off during class and how could I do inverted poses with it on? Um, I have been doing LOTS of inverted poses with it (see my profile picture!) for 12 years, the clip is good and it still delivers even when I am upside down.

I am a bit surprised at the number of people who wear it openly all the time! You go!

I don’t hide my pump purposely, but its on my waistband and typically covered by my shirt/sweater.

I don’t hide it but I think the tubing is unsightly, so I tuck it in. The pump however, is usually attached to my waistband. If I’m wearing a dress, well, that’s a different story.

However, I don’t hide testing and, if I do shots instead of a bolus, I don’t hide that either.

The level of concealment or “revealment” It depends on what I am wearing. and where I am…The pump may be on a pants, jeans or skirt waistband for all to see, always tucked in the bra when I wear a dress. The tubing is generally tucked in unless I am at home around friends and/or family, they are accustomed to my tubing dangling about as I dash about… I work in public schools, and when the kiddies ask me what the pump is, I tell them “It gives me my medicine.’” they generally do not want more info, but if they ask, I tell them…

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