How do you count carbs for a CUBAN SANDWICH?

Okay…so I have a Cuban Sandwich once every so often. I go online and I get these low estimates of a what the carb count for a Cuban Sandwich is…and I find something like 60g or 70g! Just counting the bread I know we can start counting at 60g. So I know that is wrong! Now add to that, the protein and fat in the ham and pork, as well as the other condiments. So last night I had one, and I was generous with the carb counting…I said “this has to be about 100g of carbs”. Well, my blood glucose 1 and even 2 hours later were around 130 to 140…awesome, right? However, about 4 hours after eating, my BG was around 290, and with moderate ketones. Nice, huh?

So does anyone have a suggestion? Should I be using a larger bolus and extend it?

I had to Google cuban sandwich to know what’s in it.

Assuming you ate nothing and drank nothing but water between the 140 and 290 readings, I think an extended bolus would be a good idea. Perhaps the fat in the sandwich slowed down the absorption of the carbs.

But I don’t know how big your sandwich was, what was in it or what else you had with it.

The protein and fat I don’t count. Condiments count, but who knows how much. I would have given 30 on the bread, but it was your sandwich so you know better.