How do you handle illness?

Ive got my first sinus infection sing my dx. I’ve got chronic sinus issues. Big bummer that I can’t use prednisone anymore. Anyway, I’m having a hard time keeping my bg in range. It keeps drifting high. I’ve been rounding my blouses up, but that doesn’t seem to be helping much I’ve done a couple of correction boluses when I get really high. Do you guys typically bump up the basal? Increase your bolus? How long does this usually last once you start antibiotics?

i know people who even double their basal. i wouldnt do that right away, but illness really requires a lot more insulin for some of us, so i would start increasing up until your BG get better. when i was on the pump i would usually go up to 120%, then to 150%, and if still required more to 180%. do it slowly and keep checking your BG often.
get well soon!


How do I handle illness? Badly. Just ask my wife.

Oh, you meant how do I handle it in relation to diabetes . . . :laughing:. Pretty much the same way I handle any other unusual event that I suspect may be affecting my BG: I check it frequently and make adjustments accordingly. Sometimes I need to make significant adjustments, other times, not so much. I let the meter tell me what needs to be done.

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I’ve had sinus infections and found that I usually had to double basal rates (in some pumps that means +100%, in others 200%, same doubling, but confusing number semantics!) yet still had poorer control.

I know at the time I was very worried that the antibiotics would kick in and my blood glucose would drop off the cliff into dangerous hypoglycemia. That never happened to me. The basal need reduction backed off in a relatively slow manner. Try to return, as best you can, to your former basal rates, but be patient.

Infections just wreak havoc with blood sugar; I’ve never managed them well. The best course is to take your antibiotics and do whatever it takes to get well. Good luck.

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this may help, Sick day rules

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This is a great chart. Do you think this applies to adults?

As is the advice already given, check frequently and make adjustments. I would increase my basal in increments of 20% (120%, 140%, et.c.) until I hit the right one and correct as needed. Hang in there and feel better soon!!

yes from what I have seen, it’s the same numbers for children and adults, a google of ‘sick day rules diabetes’ will confirm this. It should tide you over till you can speak to your Dr or if by the chart you need urgent care because of DKA risk.
I posted this link because it is easy to digest and very detailed if the whole page is read.

*note this is for a high carb diet, if low carb ketogenic, you may have diet ketones and normal blood levels, the ‘starvation ketones’ in the chart with normal BG doesn’t apply