How do you move the needle on a steel infusion set?

I’ve read here several posts stating that one of the advantages of steel infusion sets is the ability to move the needle with the same infusion set if you hit a painful site on insertion. How is that done? I’m test driving Tandem’s TruSteel infusion sets and can’t see an easy way to do this. It’s a very attractive feature. .

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You just peel the adhesive patch up and stick the set elsewhere. Cover with an IV3000.


Thanks. I had hoped there was a way to insert the needle then apply the adhesive only if the site was acceptable. I really hate added tape on infusion sites. The Dexcom overlays aren’t that bad because they’re designed specifically for that device.

Yes, when I’ve moved my sets, I always need extra tape. But I usually put extra tape down either way, because the built-in tape doesn’t stick well for me.


As others mentioned, it requires tape but I had to do it yesterday when the site really hurt. Some people regularly move the needle part after two days to turn the 2-day set into a 4-day set. The only time I tried that I started to get an infection. Fortunately I have enough sets that I don’t have to extend their life. I routinely put a piece of Opsite Flexifix over the needle part and part of the tubing. Otherwise it is easy to accidentally tug on the Loop part of the tubing and pull out the set. Done it more than once and I always carry pieces of tape in my purse.

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IV3000 is NOT a “tape”. It is a super-thin film that you won’t feel. I despise having actual tape of any kind such as paper or other thick material (as compared to the very thin nature of a transparent dressing such as IV3000 or it’s competition)

I was just using tape in the generic sense. I’m familiar with IV3000. It may not be be called ‘tape’, but it is a piece of plastic with an adhesive backing.

Just wanted to make sure that we are on the same page when it comes to describing this stuff.

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I also use Opsite for all my taping needs. When I do have to reinsert a metal needle, I just use a strip of this tape that I always carry around or have in my locker/car for those emergency taping sessions.

Just tried it because the infusion site I chose last night had poor absorption. What a big advantage over the Autosoft 90 sets. I would have had to use a new (expensive) set and spend the 5-10 minutes setting it up.

Moved the needle and covered with a piece of 3M surgical tape (not adhesive film :wink:) I found in a drawer. I had previously used this with Dexcom SEVEN sensors.

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LOL! I keep telling people to use steel sets and only some of them believe me when I tell them about the advantages over cannula sets. Oh well, I do my best.

  1. LESS pain
  2. super-rare occlusions (for me, about 1 every 2 years)
  3. low profile and easy to totally cover with dressing/tape/transparent film.
  4. for self-pay, they are cheaper than other sets
  5. no inserter necessary–slides right in with a quick tap of the finger.

I agree with most of your points, but I occasionally find them to be very painful–much more than any other set. But when one hurts, I just move it and it’s fine. I might argue that they could make a metal set with an even shorter needle. I do fine them very reliable. I previously used VariSofts/Silhouettes and they worked well for me except they took a while to start absorbing.

Also does anyone know whether Tegaderm “breathes” better than Opsite Flexifix? When I wear sets on my upper abdomen and exercise a lot, I get horrible burning rashes under the Opsite Flexifix and I think it is from moisture being trapped.

Moisture used to get trapped something AWFUL when I put IV3000’s over MM sensors, but I have NONE of that happening, EVER, when I use them over Sure-T’s. Go figure. :slight_smile: I too, will sometimes have a painful set, and I’ll usually move them. It doesn’t happen often enough to be a bother and I don’t get those awful red, swollen, painful areas as I used to frequently get with Quick Sets and Sof Sets. Thank goodness someone told me online years ago about the existence of Sure-T’s. Freaking MM techs didn’t mention those sets when I complained over and over about no-delivery issues (kinked cannulas). What were they thinking, not to let me know that they had a solution to my problem right in stock???

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I move my sure-t sets all the time. Sometimes I overfill the reservoir when I am at the end of the vial. Then I switch the site and move on. I do use the 3m tape which works well for me except on my leg. I get the red itchy welp then. No clue why, but I’m not a fan of using my legs anyway and only use them occasionally. I switched to sure-t sets the very first month on a pump after 3 No Delivery alarms and an ER stay with DKA. The nurse assigned to me used to work with my endo and recommended them to me. I’ve been very happy with the sure-t sets.


Really nice to see the positive reviews about the steel sets. I’m still giving them an audition for the next couple weeks to see if they’re a good match for my situation.

I barely remember when I was using steel sets in the early ‘90s. At the time Disetronic didn’t have anything else. They must have had some downsides for me at the time because I was thrilled when they added a Teflon-cannula set. Maybe things have turned around 180 degrees and I’ll find steel sets are a better match.

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For me, I trim away what I can of the adhesive patch, clean the needle with an alcohol swab, cut an oval shaped piece of athletic tape (no corners to snag), stick the back of the needle to the tape, and reinsert in the new spot. Overkill, maybe? But it works, no infections. Not sure why, but I don’t react to athletic tape, plus it’s cheap and available.

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Another question - I just inserted a new infusion set and saw a bit of blood through the needle window. Do you move the needle immediately or wait until problems occur?

Wait. There may be zero need to move it. Even if blood travels up the tubing a bit, unless it hurts too much, it’s generally OK that way.


my wife works at a hospital and she brought home some 3m iv tape, its cheap and i use that every time i have to move my site, instead of wasting the iv3000 tape. and its adhesive is pretty strong. ive reused it multiple times and even used it to keep my g6 on when it started coming loose early

I just “paint” a little SKinTac on the sticky (or not so sticky now) pad.I like the bottle version of Skin Tac, it has an applicator wand in the cap - so no sticky fingers