How do you pick a "non bleedable" site?

So I am currently using my minimed cgm. Hopefully this question applies to all cgm users. I’m having an issue picking sites that DONT bleed. I understand that bleeding that “stops” is okay. But I’m getting a lot of sites (abdomen, thigh) that just bleed. It appears that the bleeding stops, but then the numbers are way off and when I take the sensor out it’s filled with dried blood.

Advice please!??

I haven’t yet had a site that didn’t bleed a little, and every sensor I remove is covered with blood. I’m having ongoing problems with my numbers being way off, perhaps that’s my problem.

I tried one minimed sensor and had minimal bleeding near my hip. Since starting on the Dexcom in September (I’ve used 4 or 5 sensors now) I’ve never had anything that came close to bleeding. If this is a major issue you might want to look into switching CGM brands.

Hi Sophie, I use the Minimed Guardian cgm. I have been using it for the last 2 months and have had a couple of bleeders. What I do if I have a bleeder is put the corner of a tissue under the plastic part and apply some pressure, not much. I find that if you have a bleeder it might take a while longer to calibrate your cgm but it does settle down and starts giving good readings. I usually can get 6 to 7 day out of a sensor (even the bleeders) if I calibrate before each meal. As far as a non-bleedable site I usually use my belly 2.5 to 3 inches from my navel and up slightly. That is where I get less bleeding.

I use two sites, 2 inches right or left of my naval, just below the rib cage. I don’t get any blood there, the sensors don’t interfere with my clothes, and because I sleep on my side, I don’t bury the sensor at night so it can’t talk to the receiver. My Dexcom sensors are lasting at least 14 days, so i only need the two sites. I calibrate on a level BG and I’m almost always within 10-15 points of my meter. I love having one.

Ive used minimed cgm for over two years. I have had most success using my thighs. Most of the sensors bleed a little, and when they do I use a tissue to soak in some of the blood until it stops. This usually takes 2 or 3 minutes. Out of all the sensors I’ve used only two have failed because of bleeding. Its a bit of a hassle but overall hasn’t had a negative effect on the performance of the sensors.

I don’t understand how some people barely ever bleed! I bleed every time. Sometimes it won’t bleed for a few minutes and I’ll think I’m fine, then 20 minutes later it’s turned into a bleeder…And lately days later I’ll notice it’s all bloody AGAIN…

I haven’t found a spot yet that is less prone to bleeding. But I have noticed that the harder the needle is to pull out the more the site bleeds. And lately I have had A LOT of trouble getting the needles out. So I’m hoping it was just this box, which thankfully I just finished.

Anyone else have trouble pulling the needles out?

Upper butt cheek works very well for many Minimed-using women; have you tried there? A “cheeky” spot, not a “bony” spot. (I know that this location might be unacceptable for fashion reasons…)

Anthony’s pressure idea might help, too. And Dexcom’s wire is a lot thinner than Minimed’s, so if you’re in a situation where you can switch without going bankrupt, Rebecca’s idea is really good.

Although infusion sets work ok back there, I’ve had the worst time using the Minimed CGMS sensors there. The high profile and depth of the sensor causes the area to be sore when I sit or lie on it. The worst area is around where my wallet will nudge it or put pressure on it.

I just got approved for my mm cgm but don’t get it for a couple of weeks. I’ve been looking around various sites that I’m on for info and found on one that some people ice the spot for a couple of minutes and then insert the sensor and then apply pressure for like 10 minutes. Since doing that it seemed like some got less bloody spots. Don’t really know but that’s what I’ve read. Good luck to us all!

I heard that the Dexcom sensor doesn’t bleed. Have not received mine yet, but when I try it out, I will let you know.

I’ve been using the 7-plus Dexcom for about 5 months straight now and have never had any bleeding. I was surprised to hear this discussion and can’t believe how common this problem is for some users. I always use my abdomen as my sensor site, I am very small in frame, 5 ft 5 in. 122 lbs, work out daily with cardio and weight train. So I give my body and sensor site plenty of “strain” for any possible bleeding to occur. I assume it maybe that Dexcom is the difference as I’ve read that others like me have no bleeding with this CGM. I am happy to say that I am really happy with this product and the amazing info and freedom it has given me.